Sunday, December 25, 2011

coolest contest on the planet!!!!!

I wish that my blog was more impressive.. really
I kind of feel bad that it is so pathetic

I will start uploading swatches and other creative nail polish things now.. literally
this will be the first post of many as I don't see my obsession waning anytime in the near future
this is the website for the awesome blog that is sponsoring the contest
check it out and follow :)

gold leaf manicure
the base it black creme by wet n wild
the topcoat is 107 sprinkles on top by confetti
i attached the gold leaf w a layer of clear topcoat and let it dry
then i layered additional coats of clear to encase the gold leaf to give it that laquered/behind the glass look :)

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  1. and i am totally not used to using codes incorporate photos.. yay!! for being technologically handicapped :D


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