Thursday, January 26, 2012

ITS ALIVEE!!! AND CAT'S EYE! China Glaze layering :D

So, I have been hauling like a crazy... And I really am leaving all money at home except maybe ten dollars at most incase I get hungry..unfortunately, the polish I have been buying are a dollar or so each.. so I still end up purchasing them on whim. Anyhow, enough with my addiction problems (We need to form the LLLA lovely laquered ladies anonymous.. except I get the feeling it would end up being a big group of enablers lol) and on with my swatches :D
The first polish I am showing you guys today is Cat's Eye, I am not sure how old of a China Glaze polish this is, but it has the old logo.. :O
It is a gorgeous shimmery/metalic mid yellowy green that does get a tad bit streaky if you do not apply the color straight up and down due to its almost foil like finish. It dried crazy fast of its own accord too :D It is a very thin consistency and the brush is not amazing.. but for the color I am willing to deal with it.

Now... for the funner part (because funner is totally a word!)
It's alive.. from the 2011 fall collection :D
It is a gorgeous murky green glitter polish that is meant to be stand alone! I have the worst time finding those for some reason >..<
Anyhow, it is in a deep deep olive green milky base with mid olive micro glitter and mini hex glitter.. there great coverage too :) In the swatch photos I am wearing three coats of cat's eye and one coat of It's alive.. which extends the life of my bottle :DDD always makes me happy when a polish I absolutely love has a polish I can layer under it of the same tone
I will keep rambling if I do not just show you guys the photos :P

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ulta clearance haul!!!!!!! (part one)

I have been hauling like crazy..
and I don't even mean too..
I just have this problem that I have no inhibitions when it comes to meeting new colors... I have bought about.. oh god.. 24ish nail polishes in the past two days.. in the post I am only going to be showing you guys the ones I got from Ulta :)
the first was the ulta exclusive Deck Your Nails from OPI, it is a really cute mini set (I LOVE MINIS!!) and I picked this up for only $3!!! aghhh I thought I was too cool XD
the colors included were two glitters;
A sprinkle Yule love-- a red base with red blue green and gold mini hex glitters as well as lots of silvery gold micro glitter
How's it snowin'-- a dark grey based Silver glitter.. it has mini hex glitters as well as micro glitters.
Speak for your elf-- A darker mid red glittery polish.. It is not sheer enough to be considered a glitter, there is definitely an opaqueish base at the bottom of it :)
and last, a mini rapid dry :D awesome to be able to try all these cool colors for so little <3

I also kind of love that ulta gives you little perfume tester strips to test out nail polish on <3

Anywhooo.. I feel like I should break up my polish hauls into multiple posts.. So I might be able to put up real swatches..
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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Yara and Forever21 green flakie layering

I recently ordered two polishes from ZOYA during their promo for two free polishes if you payed shipping :DDD So I chose Yara and Petra I was super excited for the colors (And I totally accidentally bought a very close color from eternal after I had ordered.. oh well)
Anywhooo, I am totally in love with Yara.. it is a gorgeous olive drab green (although many people would say it is more of a military/army green) with much too pretty tiny gold flecks in it giving it the olivey tone <3
The color applies almost completely opaque with the first coat and is a beautifully smooth color. I am really impressed with Zoya colors so far and I am afraid I have fueled my addiction further.. on to the swatch photos!!

And then.... that green flakie I bought on friday.. and posted a blog about before.. It is absolutely friggin gorgeous AGHHH.. so pretty..
It is the BEST flakie I have found under 3 dollars.. EVER.. or even seen or heard about...
the two of them together= <3
so here are the photos of the absolute awesomeness :D

aghhh.. I might have to go and stockpile because of how awesome these are <3333
thats all for now <3
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GLITTER PUKE!! (I really do have fun with that :)

Forever21 nail polish haul :D

Forever21 has a friggin awesome nailpolish variety :D
the green glitter is called Light Green
the black based silver holo bar glitter is called Black/silver
the other two are nameless

The extra Green flakie I actually bought for Kezhia of whom I am going to be trading with. I also got an axtra of the gold SANTEE glitter with big holo hexes for her <3
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Bunny nails first giveaway :D

Bunny Nails first giveaway :)
check it out and enter!

LA COLORS Vibrant Violet

I really love the reflects of this duochromey color :) it is a suprisingly opaque color in comparison to the other duochromey type colors I recently bought from LA Colors. It is more of a lilac color than a violet contrary to its name and the color flash is MUCH more pronounced in real life. The color is gorgeous and totally worth the $1 I spent on it.

Almost done with these swatch posts from my crazy bargain shopping in Downtown :)
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Monday, January 16, 2012

Gray's anatomy :)

Today's swatch is Gray's Anatomy from the Wet n wild Fastdry collection of which all are named after 90's TV shows. Seeing as I am a 90's kid I find them insanely amusing. This particular color is a gorgeous light gray with a crazy multi-chrome job going on. It flashes purple, green and blue along with the pretty shimmery gray base you can see once in a while. The color has fairly good dry time on a coat by coat basis, however because of the sheer nature of the polish I think I have 5 coats on in these photos. I used Seche Vite over it to expedite the drying process (since buying Seche Vite I have had many less butchered mani's from running into stuff.)I think that if your goal is not to get a completely opaque color just three will look lovely, I was just seeing how many coats it would take to get it to be a solid color. At $2 from either walgreens or CVS I would definitely suggest this polish. Although I cannot say anything for it's wear time because I get bored with Mani's much too quickly to find out.
Anyhow, enough with my rambling and onto the swatch photos :D
SN: these were some of the first swatch photos I took, so please excuse my not-so-cleaned-up nails and slightly strange lighting (and odd bubbling O.O)

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed my rambly swatch post <3
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Glitter puke :DD

Friday, January 13, 2012

That gorgeous Green-Blue-Purple multichrome!

This is my swatch post for 33 E, the ETERNAL dark blueish Multichrome that flashes multiple colors, namely blue-green-purple. The color is not super sheer but it does take about three coats to get it a solid even coverage. The brush is not horrible but the formulation is just a bit on the thin side. The bottle is .5oz and I only spent $1.30 on it :) I am totally in LOVE with this color. I will be experimenting with layering this color with the Mylar flakie I bought very soon :D
(and bottle shots lol)

Yes, there a lot of photos.. and yes.. I really got carried away <3
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My latest Haul ETERNAL fashion nail polishes

I admit it.. I have a problem, a really major one. I have spent more than $40 in the past two weeks, and more than 20 of it was on nail polish. I think I spent about $14 yesterday on 9 bottles on nail polish, so I really don't think I did that poorly. The first three are by ETERNAL, and they have absolutely amazing colors :D for about a 1.30 a piece it made me really happy. The colors are all very on trend and seem to have been updated fairly recently. Unfortunately that means I have a list of colors I want to go back to the store for. >..<

This is a general photo of all the colors I bought XD
I love how the ETERNAL bottles look so much nicer than the LA COLORS ones.. I have no idea how someone would go about purchasing these polishes outside of Miami but hopefully they aren't horrifically obscure.

The colors from ETERNAL are all numerically based.. this first one is called 65E
it is a pretty 80's magentaish purple glass fleck nail polish with silver flecks :)

This one is called 9E E it is a mid blue jelly base that is fairly thick in comparison to the other nail polishes, just based on pulling the brush out of the bottle. It has silver, green and blue mylar flakes in it as well as really tiny silver glitter.. Hopefully it is dense enough to wear on its own and not as a top coat!

This color really reminds me of both CHANNEL Paradoxyl and potentially ZOYA Petra. I actually I have Petra on the way so I will be able to do a comparison once it arrives. The color is 6 E and is a medium dark (as grays go) purpley gray. It is really pretty and hopefully will be very opaque so I can attempt to stamp with it.

This polish reminds me of a pretty sky blue version of one of the Sally Hansen X-treme wear nail polishes. It has really awesome bar and micro holographic glitter in a shimmery pale blue base. I did do a quick swipe when I bought it and the glitter does not get lost :DD the color name is 57 E.

This is a really pretty Lilac creme polish that I am also hoping will be awesomely opaque <3
The color name is 105 E. I am not familiar with any polishes that it could be a dupe of.

There are three photos of this color just because it is so freakin' awesome :DDDDDD
I absolutely LOVE multichromes, and this one is one of my favorites in my collection. It flashes dark blue, purple and green <3 I will be posting swatches of it super soon seeing as it is my current mani :)
That is just about it, If you want to see any of the ones swatched in particular please let me know :)

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