Monday, January 9, 2012

Awesome nail stuffies that I managed to get on the cheap!

I have been wandering about the Downtown area of where I live and I found a great little shop with lots of glitters and super cheap nail polishes!
all of the ones that are included in this post are a dollar a piece

these were $2 and include really awesome hexagon glitters as well as a really awesome duochrome white that flashes blue
I also can not wait to add the blue glitters to my very first nail polish franken (more on that in a later post)

They do not come with TONS of glitter per type, however they had lots a variety. When it comes to TONS of glitter for you money I ended up with yet another really cool find :D
I bought two of what I would like to say are 20 gram jars of gold glitter
One it a microfine holographic gold

The other is a really awesome plain gold stringy glitter

both jars where $2 a piece, which I think is pretty awesome :D

I also bought a wheel of rhinestones for $1.50 which again I think is a pretty great deal <3

it is nothing particularly special in the world of nail art wheels.. but I figured that since I did not already own one it was worth the money.

They next things I got are all nail polishes.. so bear with me
the first is an LA COLORS Blue Paradise. It is a duochrome the goes from a pale french blue to a creamy beigey/chanmpagney color flash.. Its gorgeous and I will do swatches very soon :)

The last Nail polishes I bought are all glitters, I LOVE glitter polishes so these were a steal at a dollar a piece, some of them are very unique in comparison to what I have seen to date.
All of them are by SANTEE, I have never actually seen this brand on anyone's blog so I am unsure as to how they will fair on my nails.. hopefully they are amazing :D

The first is called Pink Speckle - M56 It is a gorgeous combination of holographic silver bar, small hexagon, normal micro, and little square glitters in a pink jelly base. You don't actually notice the pink whatsoever when it is on the nails so you can basically disregard the base color (this is the only one of my haul that i got the chance to swatch, and quickly at that)

The next is a dark purple glitter in a clear base. It is called Purple glitter- M2A, What an incredibly creative way of naming things they have. Anyhow, It seems lie it will be fairly densely packed with glitter, but it looks like it is definitely a topcoat and not a stand alone glitter polish. For some reason it looks much blueier in the photos, and I wasn't able to get a clear macro shot for some reason.. ugh

The next is a blue glitter called, oddly enough, emerald- M22. I am not sure where they got the name but it doesnt matter for it is a lovely color. It is in a slightly milky light blue jelly base and the glitters are semi-duochrome I guess you could say. The flash from a sky blue to a bright glowy light green.

I think its gorgeous, but not particularly unique. This next one however...

This last color is unceremoniously called "cute sparkle"-M89. It has a clear base with lost of fine gold glitter in it. It also however has medium sized hexagons in red and purple dispersed throughout. It is very pretty. Many of the few glitters SANTEE does have are very strange, some have stars and hearts in rainbow colors with a silver fine glitter. Interesting to say the least.

Thats it for my haul :D
hope you guys liked what I picked up on a whim ;)
thanks for taking the time and reading this <3

(I havent figured out the Layout thing yet.. sorry >..< hopefully my descriptions will make sense with the photos? )


  1. What a massive haul! Congrats on your awesome bargain shopping. I love the rhinestone wheel and kits. I'm looking forward to seeing these polishes on you, too...especially that last one (I love those hex glitters!)!!!

  2. You make me want to get more glitters. Nice haul


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