Wednesday, January 11, 2012

blue paradise swatches :D

I really love this color but I didn't expect it to be so neutral when on the nail.
It is a super sheer color, I had to put on three coats to get any real blue color to show up.
It is a really gorgeous color, besides any misgivings I might have about the sheer formula. I can almost use it as a top coat, which is kinda of awesome. I haven't gotten to try it over black or white but I will as soon as I can :)
The color shows up as a light beigey neutral with a definite blue flash that makes it a really interesting color to see in the bright light. My photos do not do it mercy, they are not as blue or as richly colored as they are in real life. Hopefully I will get the chance to shoot a photo I the sun when I actually wear this color as a main. To be honest I was so anxious to try it out that I put it on really quickly before I painted my nails with my second Franken :D
the colored ended up on my toes tho, however I don't like showing pictures of my toes because I feel some people would be kind of grossed out by the whole feet thing. I don't feel that way but I know people who do :o
here are the photos :D

hopefully the formatting fairies will be nice to me today. And yes, this is my second post today :S I actually had written the franken one a day or so ago, this one I wrote today in between classes. The reason it hadn't been posted was that I had not gotten onto my laptop till now. Oh wells.
Hope you guys liked my post and thanks for reading :)
till next time

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