Monday, January 16, 2012

Gray's anatomy :)

Today's swatch is Gray's Anatomy from the Wet n wild Fastdry collection of which all are named after 90's TV shows. Seeing as I am a 90's kid I find them insanely amusing. This particular color is a gorgeous light gray with a crazy multi-chrome job going on. It flashes purple, green and blue along with the pretty shimmery gray base you can see once in a while. The color has fairly good dry time on a coat by coat basis, however because of the sheer nature of the polish I think I have 5 coats on in these photos. I used Seche Vite over it to expedite the drying process (since buying Seche Vite I have had many less butchered mani's from running into stuff.)I think that if your goal is not to get a completely opaque color just three will look lovely, I was just seeing how many coats it would take to get it to be a solid color. At $2 from either walgreens or CVS I would definitely suggest this polish. Although I cannot say anything for it's wear time because I get bored with Mani's much too quickly to find out.
Anyhow, enough with my rambling and onto the swatch photos :D
SN: these were some of the first swatch photos I took, so please excuse my not-so-cleaned-up nails and slightly strange lighting (and odd bubbling O.O)

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed my rambly swatch post <3
Until next time
Glitter puke :DD

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