Thursday, January 26, 2012

ITS ALIVEE!!! AND CAT'S EYE! China Glaze layering :D

So, I have been hauling like a crazy... And I really am leaving all money at home except maybe ten dollars at most incase I get hungry..unfortunately, the polish I have been buying are a dollar or so each.. so I still end up purchasing them on whim. Anyhow, enough with my addiction problems (We need to form the LLLA lovely laquered ladies anonymous.. except I get the feeling it would end up being a big group of enablers lol) and on with my swatches :D
The first polish I am showing you guys today is Cat's Eye, I am not sure how old of a China Glaze polish this is, but it has the old logo.. :O
It is a gorgeous shimmery/metalic mid yellowy green that does get a tad bit streaky if you do not apply the color straight up and down due to its almost foil like finish. It dried crazy fast of its own accord too :D It is a very thin consistency and the brush is not amazing.. but for the color I am willing to deal with it.

Now... for the funner part (because funner is totally a word!)
It's alive.. from the 2011 fall collection :D
It is a gorgeous murky green glitter polish that is meant to be stand alone! I have the worst time finding those for some reason >..<
Anyhow, it is in a deep deep olive green milky base with mid olive micro glitter and mini hex glitter.. there great coverage too :) In the swatch photos I am wearing three coats of cat's eye and one coat of It's alive.. which extends the life of my bottle :DDD always makes me happy when a polish I absolutely love has a polish I can layer under it of the same tone
I will keep rambling if I do not just show you guys the photos :P

Thanks for reading :)
Unitl next time,


  1. Love your blog name! And now I need It's Alive even more! :) I've tagged you on my blog.

  2. Love this combo! It's Alive is one of my favorite greens. :) I also tagged you! Check it out here:


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