Tuesday, January 10, 2012

my Franken :D

I can finally show you guys my Franken polish :D
It is a French bluey teal with a few different grades of shimmer from the polishes I mixed.
I included a 1/5 bottle of OPI for sephora the glee collection in slushied , a 1/5 bottle of LA colors base and top coat, a small random amount of the confetti glitter, a small amount of the dark blue nail polish and a few drops of the ELF nail polish in minty green, about a 1/4 bottle of ,a blue paradise by LA colors, shimmery light blue color with a beautiful beigey duochrome (swatches of some to come).
I rolled the bottle around and shook it about to mix the colors up.. But I plan on having it evolve with the addition of the two blue glitters I bought in my most recent haul as well as the SANTEE blue glitter polish in emerald. For the photos I put on two coats with a coat of seche vite over it. I really love the color I ended up with. The iridescent blue green glitter gives an unexpected touch, it is almost a semi milky effect, the glitters are somewhat embedded in the nail polish as you apply the coats. I have not yet figured out how someone would mix polishes outside of a bottle, it seems like they would dry out much too quickly before you were to finish mixing. O.o
Anyway, I will post the swatch of the other Franken I made on a whim very soon! It is a dark shimmery red polish I wanted to be of the jelly sort although it is a bit more opaque. But, I cannot wait to share.. and it is my current mani :)
until next time

I was having problems with formatting so I figured it would look neater if all the photos were at the end. What do you think?
(and I hadnt realized.. I accidentally dented my nails before I took the photo O.o Oopsies)

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