Friday, January 13, 2012

My latest Haul ETERNAL fashion nail polishes

I admit it.. I have a problem, a really major one. I have spent more than $40 in the past two weeks, and more than 20 of it was on nail polish. I think I spent about $14 yesterday on 9 bottles on nail polish, so I really don't think I did that poorly. The first three are by ETERNAL, and they have absolutely amazing colors :D for about a 1.30 a piece it made me really happy. The colors are all very on trend and seem to have been updated fairly recently. Unfortunately that means I have a list of colors I want to go back to the store for. >..<

This is a general photo of all the colors I bought XD
I love how the ETERNAL bottles look so much nicer than the LA COLORS ones.. I have no idea how someone would go about purchasing these polishes outside of Miami but hopefully they aren't horrifically obscure.

The colors from ETERNAL are all numerically based.. this first one is called 65E
it is a pretty 80's magentaish purple glass fleck nail polish with silver flecks :)

This one is called 9E E it is a mid blue jelly base that is fairly thick in comparison to the other nail polishes, just based on pulling the brush out of the bottle. It has silver, green and blue mylar flakes in it as well as really tiny silver glitter.. Hopefully it is dense enough to wear on its own and not as a top coat!

This color really reminds me of both CHANNEL Paradoxyl and potentially ZOYA Petra. I actually I have Petra on the way so I will be able to do a comparison once it arrives. The color is 6 E and is a medium dark (as grays go) purpley gray. It is really pretty and hopefully will be very opaque so I can attempt to stamp with it.

This polish reminds me of a pretty sky blue version of one of the Sally Hansen X-treme wear nail polishes. It has really awesome bar and micro holographic glitter in a shimmery pale blue base. I did do a quick swipe when I bought it and the glitter does not get lost :DD the color name is 57 E.

This is a really pretty Lilac creme polish that I am also hoping will be awesomely opaque <3
The color name is 105 E. I am not familiar with any polishes that it could be a dupe of.

There are three photos of this color just because it is so freakin' awesome :DDDDDD
I absolutely LOVE multichromes, and this one is one of my favorites in my collection. It flashes dark blue, purple and green <3 I will be posting swatches of it super soon seeing as it is my current mani :)
That is just about it, If you want to see any of the ones swatched in particular please let me know :)

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  1. These are so pretty! I've never heard of this brand before.


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