Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Blog Name :DD

So today I was doing my usual run about Downtown and I came across another glitter polish from SANTEE (it has big gold hex glitters that are also holographic.. squeee)
and I layered it over the polish I was already wearing.. the deep red franken I mixed over which I had ALREADY layered the gold glitter polish with purple and red medium size hexes in it. The end result was glitter puke XD
And My friend who was with me mentioned that it would make a great blog name.. and the I knew it HAD to be the name of my blog :D
so much thanks to Nat <3 she is not into the whole nail polish circuit but its ok ;) she will be soon.
Anyhow.. this is a picture of my blog inspiration (its a bit blurry because I took it in a hurry, unfortunately I cannot retake it because I had to take off my nail polish right then.. that is what happens when I go nail polish shopping, crazy layering lol)

thats about it :)
I will do a haul post and have it up ASAP :D

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