Saturday, January 21, 2012

Yara and Forever21 green flakie layering

I recently ordered two polishes from ZOYA during their promo for two free polishes if you payed shipping :DDD So I chose Yara and Petra I was super excited for the colors (And I totally accidentally bought a very close color from eternal after I had ordered.. oh well)
Anywhooo, I am totally in love with Yara.. it is a gorgeous olive drab green (although many people would say it is more of a military/army green) with much too pretty tiny gold flecks in it giving it the olivey tone <3
The color applies almost completely opaque with the first coat and is a beautifully smooth color. I am really impressed with Zoya colors so far and I am afraid I have fueled my addiction further.. on to the swatch photos!!

And then.... that green flakie I bought on friday.. and posted a blog about before.. It is absolutely friggin gorgeous AGHHH.. so pretty..
It is the BEST flakie I have found under 3 dollars.. EVER.. or even seen or heard about...
the two of them together= <3
so here are the photos of the absolute awesomeness :D

aghhh.. I might have to go and stockpile because of how awesome these are <3333
thats all for now <3
thanks for reading,
and until next time..
GLITTER PUKE!! (I really do have fun with that :)


  1. I have not bought any Zoya polishes yet...after seeing this tho, I might have to! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Zoya polishes are beyond amazing. And they usually have these great promos too. It's amazing!!

    Oh and Yara is indeed pretty. I like this flakie you used. Looks really lovely and oh wee ...under 3 dollars? EVen better!


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