Thursday, February 23, 2012

Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday Rainbow Glitter DUPEEE SQUEE***

Hey everyone!
So I recently traded Orly's Alabaster Verve for the Nicole by OPI Khardashian Kolor Rainbow in the S-kylie!!! EEEEEKKK
It makes everything better!!
It is gorgeous... lots a glitter... with a bit of layering the ULTIMATE GLITTER PUKE CAN BE ACHIEVED!!!

Bottle shots are first.. obviously.. and the first swatch is one coat :D

Two coats :D

and three... I took an absurd number of photos of it :D

Much love to Suz for feeding my polish addiction... :DDD

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  1. I have this color and OPI rainbow connection. They are so much fun! I love to layer them on my toes.


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