Monday, February 6, 2012

Franken nailpolish swatches PT 1

I have been frankening quite a bit lately.. I have made a few interesting polishes thanks to Kezhia of Kezhia's circle :)
She sent me a wonderful package filled with lots of nailpolish she no longer wanted that were of the older variety.
I have been playing around with them recently, I do not yet have a finished polish based off them. But, I will post pictures the second I have a finished product I really like :)
On another note, if you think of a potential name for any if the polishes give me shout! I would love ideas because I have not yet come out with any as of yet.
I welcome anyone who would like to donate to my polish frankening project to do so.

Anywho, on to the colors!
My first few are based on a mini set from the crystallize set

This one is based on a beige nude color that I added dark purple glitter, holographic bar glitter, and lots of other silly things too :)

This next polish of which I don't have a bottle shot of? was in a slightly misguided attempt to franken-dupe Zoya's Diedra :D ohh well.. it is pretty anyhow

And this is just a group shot of all the rest.. for some reason I have not yet taken single shots of them.. I will talk more about them when I post about them individually :)


  1. You have done well my dear!!! Can't wait to see what u do with what I sent u!!!!!

  2. Show us what u have made!! :)


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