Thursday, February 23, 2012

Painfully neon polish!!

I recently picked up a nail polish during an attempt to find tooth picks at a dollar store.. yes they are unrelated.. yet I found them and not the toothpicks >..<
Anyhow,it is yet another color from Eternal. It is a bright orangey peach color that is fluorescent and literally glows!
I look so dark in comparison it is ridiculous :DD
It is a usual Neon rubbery matte finish that gets shiny quickly and is not really chip resistant. The color is beautiful and eye catching. EVERYONE and their boyfriend has commented on my nails.. litterally XD
As I ramble aimlessly lets get to the swatch photos! (please disregard tip wear! I have been volunteering at the International film festival stuffing envelopes, sticking labels and everything else possible to do to my nails>..<)

It is sooo pretty.. I cannot wait to show you guys the other two I purchased :D


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