Friday, April 27, 2012


I am not the blogger with the most trafic in any way shape or form (I WISH!) 
But, Jody of SoFlaJo was kind enough to include me in her sending out of blogger samples of her latest collection of polishes :)
I received Orange Blossom Special, I will be completely honest.. the first thing that came into my mind was this!
then this

Hey, we are Floridians!! I can't help it!!
Anyhow, enough monkey antics!! Onto lovely polishness!!!!
So, this is a very pretty creamsicle orange shimmer polish with  greenish "almost" duochrome.. It has really pretty yellowy green micro glitters all dispersed without the polish.
The color applies fairly evenly, it is not however super opaque. It took three coats to get rid of visible nail lines (which drive me nutso!) and to get to the final product at the end of this post.
When applying you have to be very careful to paint quickly and evenly. Also waiting until the polish is COMPLETELY DRY helps A LOT! 
The finish at the end was a bit on the not quite so super shiny side for me so I put on some top coat. However I do not think i have topcoat on for any of these photos. 

Ok everyoneeee.. Coat Numero Uno!! (Number one for the non spanglish speakers of the world XD)

Numero Dos!! (number two!!)

Numero Tres (Number three!!)

I really love how this color looks on my nails as well as is super gorgeous in general <3 
Again a big thanks to Jody for sending me this absolutely lovely polish!!
Don't forget to check her out at (her blog!!) (her shopping page!!!)
Her mini's (like the one I got) are $5 and the normal (bigger) sized ones are $10
Thanks for reading
and until next time!!


Hey everyone!!!!
I have received lots of pretty and mail this week and I want to share :D
First, my trade for Zoya chloe (A FLAKIE!!) and Hurry Up drops (who doesn't need more ways to fast dry?)
I have tried both! I love them!!! the drops are brill and Chloe is gorgeous!!

I kind of won a contest :DDD
and this was my prize!! my very first indie :D It is Gorramit from NerdLacquer
check out nerdlaquer on etsy and the girl I won it from is
My Lacquer Family.. check her out <3

I traded with someone on a swapish group on Facebook (don't forget to like my page!!) 
This is Joe Fresh in twilight!! I cannot wait to swatch this baby! So pretty with beautiful flakies!

Target grab bag!!! Someone shared this and I jumped on it! The bag is too cute.

That is about all :D 
I will be posting in a bit about the lovely Jody of SoFlaJo. Check her out in the mean time! I will be reviewing the polish she so kindly sent me for that purpose <3

Unitl next time,

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Petra VS Grey Area DUPAGE ALERT!!!

sorry for the lack of clean up!
Zoya Petra and Sally Hansen Grey Area are exactly the same color! The difference is so painfully minute there are no words! I cannot tell you which of the two in the photos is the slightly lighter one.... 
Petra is thinner than Grey area, it is less opaque
ie it is not a one coater in which case Grey Area is 
The brush is thinner (Zoya brushes rock my socks!)
application is just a little bit smoother... it has a little bit more of a jelly finish

Grey Area is a one coater
has a wider brush (more like a typical "current" SH one)
a tad bit darker
drys a bit faster
wears a bit longer
 although to be fair by the time I noticed wear I couldn't really tell which was which 


I want to say Grey Area is the left and Petra is the right ...

**reverse reverse** (oh what a 90's kid I am!)

That is about it!!! I love both colors or... I should say this color :D
thanks for reading!! 
until next time 
GLITTERPUKEEE!! (and don't forget to follow and enter my giveaway )

Sunday, April 22, 2012

HUNGER GAMES DUPE?? Smoke and Ashes vs What's your name?

Hey everyone!
Now I know I am a bit late in the game to pick up my Hunger Games inspired nail polishes. However, today I come to you with not just the normal "swatch" photos.
This is a comparison <3
The two polishes are almost impossible to tell apart for any non-nail polish obsessee. All photos are taken without top coat and before cleanup (sorry) I washed my hair that day so cleanup was silly.
China Glaze- Smoke and Ashes:
applies completely opaque in one coat
Has green glass flecks within the blackened base
Drys somewhat quickly
Nice application, no streaking, a bit on the thick side.
Visually has a gritty/ not completely smooth or glass like without top coat
Sinful Colors-What's your name?
Requires two coats to reach full opacity
Is a jelly
contains color shifting micro glitters, purple to blue (a little green but not a lot)
Very shiny with no top coat
completely smooth finish
More depth of color due to color shifting glitters and jelly finish
Easy application, fairly quick dry time between thin coats

What's your name at left, Smoke and Ashes at right

Smoke and Ashes at left and What's your name at right.. sorry about the switch up :)
The colors were just easier to photograph on different nails

So all in all, If you have What's your name I would say that you "could" pass on Smoke and Ashes. But I feel like I would rather just have "what's your name" in the first place. It has a nicer finish and better wear time. (as well a better price point and being less hard to find)

I hope this was a helpful comparison/review
Thanks for reading
until next time

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hey everyone! autism awareness mani :D

Hey everyone!
I recently entered an autism awareness day contest (and used my sister's hands so that i could keep on my precious red scatter holo XD)
Please ignore her cuticles etc. she gets really nervous around exam time and the AP's are comingup quick!
The blue hand is "traditional" autism awareness, I used Sephora by OPI Slushied and Sinful Colors Grecian Sun then layered an unnamed blue micro glitter jelly with little silver holo hexes in it.
The green hand is "non-traditional", My little brother chose green, if you are new to my blog, he is a high functioning nine year old with aspergers who absolutely loves pokemon :D
Anyhow, he chose SC Olympia and Innocent as the two greens and I added call you later over it to mimic the blue glitter on the other hand.
I then used diamantes to create the little flowers in the colors of the puzzle peices from the autism awareness ribbon :) We took a bit of artistic liberty and added green so we could tie in the green <3
thanks for reading :D
Pictures follow :)

and until next time ...

Monday, April 9, 2012

My giveaway.... 50+ followers!!!!!! WOOTTTT

that holo I just posted about...
the RULEs are as follows
1. must be a GFC follower to enter.. I WILL CHECK!
2. must be 18+ or have parent permission.. I don't care if I know you.. you still need the permission so I can ship you stuff :D
3. Like my FB page (there will be a separate giveaway there when I hit 75+ likes!!) GlitterPukee
GlitterPukee (search for it if the link is misbehaving)

There will be an even more awesomely awesome prize there... so send people over and have them post saying you sent them!! When I finally hit 75+ those will count toward the contest.. promise
4. Comment below and answer this question-- What is your favorite kind of polish? (don't worry; I won't be biased not give you the prize based on your answer!)

5. and I AM SORRY!! but unfortunately this is a US only giveaway.. I cannot do international shipping at this time..
6. It starts on april 11th and end on april 30th, two weeks to enter.. ***EDIT*** it is being extended till May 30th

FANTASY!! the gorgeous red scatter holo :D

This particular color is ETERNAL Fantasy 88
You may or may not be able to purchase this color outside of Miami, so I actually bought a few if anyone wants to trade for them... just putting it out there.
Anyhow, this is one of the most COMPLEX mid toned reds I have ever seen; It has micro flakies that are deep iridescent red. A scattered holo, it is very opaque, has a gold shimmer interspersed between everything else that is going on. It is a cherry red that can lean toward the more pinky magenta(ee) side depending on the lighting it is being viewed in. This is one of the colors where it is just impossible to photograph them so that they are perfectly true to life. I love this color, cannot wait to wear it as a full mani <3
email me @ with the subject title "red scatter holo" if you are at all interested... I am setting up a paypal account so I can actually just "sell" polish instead of HAVING to trade everytime :D
Yay for getting with the times!! :)
ONWARD HO!! And to the pictures we go!

I hope you guys enjoyed this photo heavy post :D
I loved taking photos of this particular polish.. can you tell??
until next time

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

DIY Polish & More! 25 follower giveaway :D

A fellow newbie blogger is having a giveaway and I wanted to help her get the word out
her blog is DIY polish and more
she is giving away 1 ONE bottle of the infamous Sinful colors green ocean :D A gorgeous green flakie that I TOTALLY want!
I might have to make other arangments to get ahold of one lol
check her out!

until next time

Latest mani - silver and blue

I first painted my nails in Revlon Colorstay Sequin. I love the color. It is a great foil with a slightly darker base than most silver foils. Then I layer 1 coat of Sinful Colors Hottie over all of my nails. After that I wanted to see how it would look with two coats but I didn't want to commit to it >..< So I did an accent nail. I ended up with three or four layers on that nail and it made me so happy! I love how techy and futuristic it looks :D
I do admit that hottie is not that impresive in the bottle, but for layering over neutral polishes IT IS DA BOMB!

I loved this mani, it was fun and lasted a long time (I went camping after putting it on and it didn't go anywhere!)

thanks for reading
and until next time

Monday, April 2, 2012

blue mani for autism awareness day...

Ok, so everyone asks me when I post "wear blue tomorrow" or "wear red and black next monday" why are we wearing this?? and I reply with "it is autism awareness day" or "the light the night walk is that night".
My younger brother is 9, has aspergers (which means that he is on the outter edges out autism.. )he is an amazing kid, crazy bright, loves pokemon but is totally clueless about personal space.
Anyhow, he got in trouble with his PE teacher before he got accommodations and the teacher's were formally informed that he is in fact a special needs student despite the fact that he is bloody brilliant.
My purpose for sharing this little anecdote is to make the point that someone HAS to CARE.I am know I am not the only one who does.. and this is me showing my support for a campaign I truly believe in.
This is my blue mani <3 My brother laughed at me when I told him why I was painting my nails blue and said that he would rather me paint pikachu nails... oh well. can't make everyone happy lol

The color is Neptune from the Sinful colors castaway collection.
It is a gorgeous mid to deep dusty blue with a gorgeous greenish beigish glass fleck thing going on.
This is three coats with OPI rapid dry top coat over it. I love that the SC glass flecks dry super fast :D