Monday, April 2, 2012

blue mani for autism awareness day...

Ok, so everyone asks me when I post "wear blue tomorrow" or "wear red and black next monday" why are we wearing this?? and I reply with "it is autism awareness day" or "the light the night walk is that night".
My younger brother is 9, has aspergers (which means that he is on the outter edges out autism.. )he is an amazing kid, crazy bright, loves pokemon but is totally clueless about personal space.
Anyhow, he got in trouble with his PE teacher before he got accommodations and the teacher's were formally informed that he is in fact a special needs student despite the fact that he is bloody brilliant.
My purpose for sharing this little anecdote is to make the point that someone HAS to CARE.I am know I am not the only one who does.. and this is me showing my support for a campaign I truly believe in.
This is my blue mani <3 My brother laughed at me when I told him why I was painting my nails blue and said that he would rather me paint pikachu nails... oh well. can't make everyone happy lol

The color is Neptune from the Sinful colors castaway collection.
It is a gorgeous mid to deep dusty blue with a gorgeous greenish beigish glass fleck thing going on.
This is three coats with OPI rapid dry top coat over it. I love that the SC glass flecks dry super fast :D

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  1. pretty blue!

    nominated you for an award!


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