Monday, April 9, 2012

FANTASY!! the gorgeous red scatter holo :D

This particular color is ETERNAL Fantasy 88
You may or may not be able to purchase this color outside of Miami, so I actually bought a few if anyone wants to trade for them... just putting it out there.
Anyhow, this is one of the most COMPLEX mid toned reds I have ever seen; It has micro flakies that are deep iridescent red. A scattered holo, it is very opaque, has a gold shimmer interspersed between everything else that is going on. It is a cherry red that can lean toward the more pinky magenta(ee) side depending on the lighting it is being viewed in. This is one of the colors where it is just impossible to photograph them so that they are perfectly true to life. I love this color, cannot wait to wear it as a full mani <3
email me @ with the subject title "red scatter holo" if you are at all interested... I am setting up a paypal account so I can actually just "sell" polish instead of HAVING to trade everytime :D
Yay for getting with the times!! :)
ONWARD HO!! And to the pictures we go!

I hope you guys enjoyed this photo heavy post :D
I loved taking photos of this particular polish.. can you tell??
until next time

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