Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hey everyone! autism awareness mani :D

Hey everyone!
I recently entered an autism awareness day contest (and used my sister's hands so that i could keep on my precious red scatter holo XD)
Please ignore her cuticles etc. she gets really nervous around exam time and the AP's are comingup quick!
The blue hand is "traditional" autism awareness, I used Sephora by OPI Slushied and Sinful Colors Grecian Sun then layered an unnamed blue micro glitter jelly with little silver holo hexes in it.
The green hand is "non-traditional", My little brother chose green, if you are new to my blog, he is a high functioning nine year old with aspergers who absolutely loves pokemon :D
Anyhow, he chose SC Olympia and Innocent as the two greens and I added call you later over it to mimic the blue glitter on the other hand.
I then used diamantes to create the little flowers in the colors of the puzzle peices from the autism awareness ribbon :) We took a bit of artistic liberty and added green so we could tie in the green <3
thanks for reading :D
Pictures follow :)

and until next time ...

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