Friday, April 27, 2012


Hey everyone!!!!
I have received lots of pretty and mail this week and I want to share :D
First, my trade for Zoya chloe (A FLAKIE!!) and Hurry Up drops (who doesn't need more ways to fast dry?)
I have tried both! I love them!!! the drops are brill and Chloe is gorgeous!!

I kind of won a contest :DDD
and this was my prize!! my very first indie :D It is Gorramit from NerdLacquer
check out nerdlaquer on etsy and the girl I won it from is
My Lacquer Family.. check her out <3

I traded with someone on a swapish group on Facebook (don't forget to like my page!!) 
This is Joe Fresh in twilight!! I cannot wait to swatch this baby! So pretty with beautiful flakies!

Target grab bag!!! Someone shared this and I jumped on it! The bag is too cute.

That is about all :D 
I will be posting in a bit about the lovely Jody of SoFlaJo. Check her out in the mean time! I will be reviewing the polish she so kindly sent me for that purpose <3

Unitl next time,

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