Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Latest mani - silver and blue

I first painted my nails in Revlon Colorstay Sequin. I love the color. It is a great foil with a slightly darker base than most silver foils. Then I layer 1 coat of Sinful Colors Hottie over all of my nails. After that I wanted to see how it would look with two coats but I didn't want to commit to it >..< So I did an accent nail. I ended up with three or four layers on that nail and it made me so happy! I love how techy and futuristic it looks :D
I do admit that hottie is not that impresive in the bottle, but for layering over neutral polishes IT IS DA BOMB!

I loved this mani, it was fun and lasted a long time (I went camping after putting it on and it didn't go anywhere!)

thanks for reading
and until next time


  1. Looks super pretty! Especially the blue :]

    I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award on my page :]
    <3 Lacey

  2. I love the accent nail... I am now on the search for this Revlon lol


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