Thursday, April 26, 2012

Petra VS Grey Area DUPAGE ALERT!!!

sorry for the lack of clean up!
Zoya Petra and Sally Hansen Grey Area are exactly the same color! The difference is so painfully minute there are no words! I cannot tell you which of the two in the photos is the slightly lighter one.... 
Petra is thinner than Grey area, it is less opaque
ie it is not a one coater in which case Grey Area is 
The brush is thinner (Zoya brushes rock my socks!)
application is just a little bit smoother... it has a little bit more of a jelly finish

Grey Area is a one coater
has a wider brush (more like a typical "current" SH one)
a tad bit darker
drys a bit faster
wears a bit longer
 although to be fair by the time I noticed wear I couldn't really tell which was which 


I want to say Grey Area is the left and Petra is the right ...

**reverse reverse** (oh what a 90's kid I am!)

That is about it!!! I love both colors or... I should say this color :D
thanks for reading!! 
until next time 
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  1. Great comparison!! I love how you sign off with "GLITTERPUKEEE!!" Hahah!! XD

    1. Thanks :) I just figure its more fun than saying...
      -leah XD

  2. This is great to know! Thanks!

  3. Petra is lighter and more purple toned to me. Great comparison!


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