Sunday, April 22, 2012

HUNGER GAMES DUPE?? Smoke and Ashes vs What's your name?

Hey everyone!
Now I know I am a bit late in the game to pick up my Hunger Games inspired nail polishes. However, today I come to you with not just the normal "swatch" photos.
This is a comparison <3
The two polishes are almost impossible to tell apart for any non-nail polish obsessee. All photos are taken without top coat and before cleanup (sorry) I washed my hair that day so cleanup was silly.
China Glaze- Smoke and Ashes:
applies completely opaque in one coat
Has green glass flecks within the blackened base
Drys somewhat quickly
Nice application, no streaking, a bit on the thick side.
Visually has a gritty/ not completely smooth or glass like without top coat
Sinful Colors-What's your name?
Requires two coats to reach full opacity
Is a jelly
contains color shifting micro glitters, purple to blue (a little green but not a lot)
Very shiny with no top coat
completely smooth finish
More depth of color due to color shifting glitters and jelly finish
Easy application, fairly quick dry time between thin coats

What's your name at left, Smoke and Ashes at right

Smoke and Ashes at left and What's your name at right.. sorry about the switch up :)
The colors were just easier to photograph on different nails

So all in all, If you have What's your name I would say that you "could" pass on Smoke and Ashes. But I feel like I would rather just have "what's your name" in the first place. It has a nicer finish and better wear time. (as well a better price point and being less hard to find)

I hope this was a helpful comparison/review
Thanks for reading
until next time

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  1. Thanks. I've realized that I have both of these polishes and I'm deciding which one to keep.


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