Friday, April 27, 2012


I am not the blogger with the most trafic in any way shape or form (I WISH!) 
But, Jody of SoFlaJo was kind enough to include me in her sending out of blogger samples of her latest collection of polishes :)
I received Orange Blossom Special, I will be completely honest.. the first thing that came into my mind was this!
then this

Hey, we are Floridians!! I can't help it!!
Anyhow, enough monkey antics!! Onto lovely polishness!!!!
So, this is a very pretty creamsicle orange shimmer polish with  greenish "almost" duochrome.. It has really pretty yellowy green micro glitters all dispersed without the polish.
The color applies fairly evenly, it is not however super opaque. It took three coats to get rid of visible nail lines (which drive me nutso!) and to get to the final product at the end of this post.
When applying you have to be very careful to paint quickly and evenly. Also waiting until the polish is COMPLETELY DRY helps A LOT! 
The finish at the end was a bit on the not quite so super shiny side for me so I put on some top coat. However I do not think i have topcoat on for any of these photos. 

Ok everyoneeee.. Coat Numero Uno!! (Number one for the non spanglish speakers of the world XD)

Numero Dos!! (number two!!)

Numero Tres (Number three!!)

I really love how this color looks on my nails as well as is super gorgeous in general <3 
Again a big thanks to Jody for sending me this absolutely lovely polish!!
Don't forget to check her out at (her blog!!) (her shopping page!!!)
Her mini's (like the one I got) are $5 and the normal (bigger) sized ones are $10
Thanks for reading
and until next time!!


  1. Thats a pretty color! I reviewed Wilde Irish Rose and loved it. I'm really liking her spring flowers collection.


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