Monday, May 14, 2012

Joe fresh twilight

                                  This is the lovely polish Joe Fresh Twilight. As far as I know it is not inspired by the hit teen series by Meyer but hey, I might be wrong. Anyhow. This is a multi-chrome reflecting flakie. It displays this deep orangey yellow color as well as a bright lemony lime green and at the very edges a deep wonderful turquoise blue. The polish base is a smokey grey jelly polish. It applies crazy smooth and I am sue I could have acheived much more depth by not only A, not layering it over a black creme polish (pictured here I am wearing it over SC black to black) and B, applying more than one layer of the polish. Whether it be over a black (or any solid colored base for that matter) another coat would indefinitely given me some more depth to the color. This polish has great wear time, it lasted with Revlon colorstay Tc and Bc for about 5 days with minimal tip wear. This is awesome because I tend to destroy manis quite quickly. Just a few days in I will have horrendous tip wear and chipping! 
         Overall this is a great polish, didn't smell horrid, was easy to apply and is an amazing color!
PHOTO BOMB AHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

The number of photos makes me think of "why are you so obsessed with me?" But Twilight... you are such a beautiful color! I could not help but to attempt to capture that beauty with my camera! Despite not having the best of the best I was diligent in my attempts to capture you in all your glory as a digital image. 

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