Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Nerd Lacquer GORAMMIT

          So this is my second ever Indie post.. and my first time wearing an indie glitter polish. I must say that I loved it! Gorramit is gorgeous! All of my friends who try to keep up with me and my polish obsession thought it was CG Hunger Games Electrify over a yellow cream... the right colors of glitter but not quite the variety! Anyhow, I love this polish; I was able to get full opacity in two coats. The glitter did not get chunky what so ever when I did a third as a test. I love that the application is very smooth, the glitter spreads across the nail fairly evenly, no dab and spread technique necessary! It wears very well.. I did however wear it with both the base coat and top coat from Revlon's Colorstay collection (which I love and will be reviewing both halves very soon!) This thankfully was not a hungry glitter, the Revlon TC is not very thick so it does not do well by the way of smoothing out gritty glitters. (SN gritty glitters make me twitch, it was one of the few reasons I like SV (seche vite) better than Revlon TC with Zoya Hurry up drops. )
            Anyhow, I really loved this color. ,It is beautiful, applies wonderfully and even more so wore well even with the horrors my nails are faced by on a daily basis!
    More often than not my Harry Potter buddies said that I was representing Gryfindor *gasp* because they say I am from Hufflepuff, they call me the Honey Badger because I have a generally unparalleled sense for finding amazing deals in our group of friends >..< and now you all know why I am a Hufflepuff. 
         But~~~~ on to the photos! This is VERY PICTURE HEAVY! I had a bit too much fun on this one. Oh well, enjoy! (I tried really hard not to make a mess of my cuticles this time around.. but I did take these photos before the discussion about my lack of clean up, I APOLOGIZE PROFUSELY FOR THAT!

One thin coat on all nails... natural-ish lighting

One coat, LED spotlight

One Thick coat on thumb

one thin coat

Two coats

I hope my sillyness does not go unappreciated!
thanks for reading <3
If you see any polish that I mention or do not post swatches of and you would like to see them let me know? I would be more than happy to do reader requested posts :D

Thanks again for reading and following :D
Until next time! GLITTERPUKEEE!!!!!

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