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(all opinions presented below are mine and only mine. No one else is allowed to claim 'em or else I will be very upset!!)
                            So, many of you will not know this (because for the time being I have been focusing on the world of polish) but I am current headed in the direction towards a career in Dermatology.
Dermatology is the study of skin as well as an M.D. I personally have an obsession with skin care products that only my obsession with polish get anywhere close to. 
                      Why did I tell you this? Because today I am going to be talking about my personal skincare goals.. It is a bit like a New Years resolution and a lot like a major lemming (polish speak for something you really really want!).
Anyhow I am going to share with you all how I go about my skin routine. Personal resolutions that I plan on going through with and a few other thingamjigers :D

So, first up. What kind of skin do I have? 
I have combination skin that leans more oily in the summer and closer to whatever "normal" is all other times. I am quite fair despite living in Florida, the sunshine state, and have a wonder relationship with hats, sunglasses and sunscreen. I will admit, I am the one who is codependent in this case. 

  (Image from elf site)
Anyhow, everyday I do my best to wear some kind of sun protection. I like ELFs SPF45 Face powder for on the run SPF because all I have to do is swirl a kabuki in the powder and go! For the  future I shall be more diligent about this.. Summer is coming and where I live the motto tends to be the less clothing the better. 

Another thing I would like to do is regularly do resurfacing treatments every other month. This may seem a bit ridiculous for a younger woman but it is a great idea for anyone unless you have cystic acne or extremely sensitive skin. I am not going to be going to a Derm's office for this and do not plan on such. Quite simply I mean that I will be doing either a Micro Dermbrasion or a peel. Nothing too fancy just something to make sure that my skin doesn't get to the point where dead skin is the cause of pimply thing coming up. 

  (Image from
More things to keep up with! I want to get into the BB cream trend. BB stands for either Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm. Either way they are fancy tinted moisturizers with added benefits. I might try the one from  Jessner   this skin peel is something I recently learned about :) The  hope is that it will not irritate my sensitive skin. 

Phew! This is a lengthy blog post (in comparison to the usual!) and I hope you were able to stick with me through this.

Thats about all!! Let me know if you have any skin care questions for I am more than happy to help. :)
Until next time!

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