Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Better Than Pants: Review

               Yes, the name inspires giggles. 

            No it is probably not what you think it is ;)Better than pants is a company that makes T-shirts :D  Fun ones. 

I picked out two T-shirts that I personally love. 

They do however make some VERY CRUDE DESIGNS. So don't say I didn't warn you.. because I did; and I am warning you now..there are some uncensored things out there and it is up to you to keep away from them. That is my words of wisdom for the day.

As per their site: 

Funny Shirts For Men & Women For Only $9.99!

If you're looking for funny t-shirts, you've found the right spot! We have a huge collection of funny t-shirts that are guaranteed to get a laugh. All of our funny shirts are printed on 100% cotton and are pre-shrunk so they will fit you perfect.

New Funny Shirts For Men and Women Are Added Every Week!

Sometimes we add funny t shirts more often so join our newsletter or facebook to stay up to date. If you have a funny t-shirt idea email us, if we use your idea we'll mail you the funny tshirt and $100! We custom print your funny t-shirts on 11 different styles, 11 different colors, and up to 5xl. Even though we specialize in cheap t-shirts, we make no sacrifice on our quality and customer service!

      *I'm Fine Zombie shirt* and the *Strictly for my ninjas* shirt are the ones I picked out. I am the kind of girl who loves witty T shirts and I will jump on any chance I get to add to my collection :)        The T-shirts are well made and have sturdy seams. I don't know how much they shrink in the wash because I have not yet washed them in a normal load (They went through with our delicates because couldn't wait to wear them XD)  

         The design is printed well and the detailing on the *I'm fine shirt* is astounding. It looks like they took some water colors to the t shirt and did an amazingly intricate blood splatter.  I love the realistic(ness) and how beautifully it is done. (I am a former art/fashion student. Don't hold that against me now!!!) The splatter wraps around the body of the shirt and looks stunning.  


The *Strictly for my Ninjas* Shirt I chose because I used to say that I *collect* ninjas. My best friends were all my ninjas hence the shirt. The more solid print of the shirt worried me. But I enjoy the fact that it is a thin layer of paint and not horrifically hot or thick.   

Overall I enjoy the two shirts I received from Better Than Pants. I love that they are made well. But I was a bit dissapointed that they were men's cut.. Had I known I would have requested a small as apposed to a medium.  All in all I have had a wonderful experience with them and will probably go to their site looking for shirts again. 

Thanks for reading :D

 And Until NExt Time, 


Disclosure: All opinion presented are my own. I was sent the two shirts for the purpose of review. I was not however compensated in an monetary fashion. Links are included for you convenience. 

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  1. Mike RIPPED ME OFF!. I ordered 2 NO'MAAM T Shirts. They came printed on the front, but NOTHING on the back. He kept himming and hawing about it, but finally said that if I returned them, AT MY OWN EXPENSE, I could get a refund. In other words, I had to pay HIM to refund defective merchandise. It would cost me more money just to return them. FAIL.

    Complete RIP OFF.

    I will continue to post this until I get satisfaction..

    I want my money back OR the correct shirts. Preferably the correct shirts, not some scam version of them.


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