Monday, June 4, 2012

Dr. Scholls massaging gel women's insoles

Hey everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Another review here.. I know that I have been doing tons of reviews and not that many mani photos lately.. and I can explain. My fingers have been doing this weird thing where they are dry and it is uncomfortable to use nail polish remover more than once or twie a week.. so I can't be posting more often than that unfortunately. Therefore I pass the time I would spend doing my nails by reviewing products :D
This particular one was sent to me by BzzAgent. A program that allows normal people to get in on the PR deal.. but you still have to blog/review the product.. check out the site if you want to find out more.

Anyhow, these insoles are crazy squishy! I love that they can be used in any kind of shoe.. not just running shoes or sneakers. I have tons of flats that just don't have enough support for me to wear them as an everyday shoe.

I love insoles, period. I have tried many many kinds and when I got these there was something inherently different about them. They looked girly and fresh. The packaging was fun and I was able to squish the insoles before over opening it up.

Today I wore them in my rain boots. If you have ever worn a pair for an extended period of time you probably are familiar with the mid day arch cramp that comes along with doing such. With these I never felt a thing! More so they were crazy comfortable and   felt better than my running shoes.
 I loved that these felt like a comforting jelly type substance under my feet. As if I was walking on Jello Jigglers.

I received a women's 6-10 but really the insoles are too big for a normal size 10 shoe. Women who wear a size 11 probably would be able to just get them to work. They were relatively easy to insert, they are not as stiff as normal insoles so it was not as easy as I am used to but it was not a major hassle.

I enjoy the fact that the Bzzkits came with coupons, I know they are supposed to be give to our friends but I am going to keep just one so I can buy another pair to put in my dress flats.
I love love love these insoles and will run about telling everyone I know how I feel.

Thats all, Sorry for the novel :D
Until next time,

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  1. The same way you'd drink a pina colada for a virtual island escape, using a product like this for your feet is its own ticket to paradise


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