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Ecological skin care : sunscreen

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               So, today I am reviewing ecological skincare's Sunblocks. I love sunblock.. That sounds weird but I do. It might be due to the fact that I have lived in miami for my ENTIRE life. Or that I have experienced one too many sunburns. Or I jut love sunblock. Maybe that is it ;D

      Any who, my point is that I am a bit of a sunscreen Maven. I honestly could blog all day about sunblock/ sunscreen. I know way too much about it and I know which ingredients are the ones that make the difference. In Ecological's sunscreen the active ingredient is Zinc Oxide 22%  That is a lot of zinc. Zinc Oxide is the reason why mineral makeup has a built in SPF. The amount in Ecological sunscreen would normally turn someone white. Like  a ghost. But somehow they have formulated the sunscreen in such a way that it does not leave a heavy white cast on the skin.

                      I received all three kinds of their sunscreen, Body, Baby, and Face. I have been wearing the Face as my everyday sunscreen. When I go swimming (Which is ALL I have done in the past three days) I wear Baby on my face.. and Body on my, well body. This is because the Baby and Body sunscreens are Very Water Resistant. But, Face is not.  The scent of all of them is a bit baby powdery. They do not however add any fragrance to these sunscreens.

            The Sunscreens are reported to have a two year shelf life (although you should go through these tubes very quickly and finish them in a few weeks some people hoard sunscreen.. **cough cough** and will keep them for a long time. then this is great. Most sunscreens start to break down after 6 months and have lost half their protective abilities within a year)
      They are non comedogenic and non greasy . I can vouch for this! I have super sensitive skin and I did not have any problems with any of these sunscreens making my skin burn, itch or generally uncomfortable. They did leave my skin a bit shiny.. but after a while they did soak in completely and matte out a bit.
     I overall would definitely recomend this sunscreen to those who have very sensitive skin (Baby) Or those who need a Photo Stable sunscreen. I love how the face sunscreen is super soft feeling and does not leave my skin feeling greasy or oily looking. They are fragrance free but the scent that they have is the least potent in the Face sunscreen. I love having a great reliable sunscreen for everyday wear. When I am not testing sunscreens this summer I will definitely be going back to the Ecological sunscreens time and time again.

I will post a blurb from their site detailing all the cool components of these sunscreens. :)

Ecological has been named the official sunscreen of the SurfRider Foundation 
About Ecological :D

Revolutionary Research

ecō skin care’s research team has painstakingly sought out cutting edge technologies globally. Australia has the greatest amount of skin cancer per capita, and as such, consistently leads the world in skin cancer and sunscreen research. ecō Sunscreen, with it’s 100% natural formula, represents the combination of leading edge science with sound naturopathic practices.

Innovative Products

From the team that introduced high SPF chemical free sunscreen to the U.S. (Soléo Organics), we remain aware of the growing and changing needs of the educated consumer. Combining the best natural ingredients with superior natural UV protection, ecō Sunscreen easily surpasses all competitors in terms of high performance and superior cosmetic feel.


As accountable citizens of our shared planet, we passionately feel an overwhelming responsibility to minimize our environmental footprint. We pledge to only use sustainable ingredients sourced from ethically responsible suppliers.

ecō BABY

eco introduces a formula powerful in UV protection yet gentle enough for the tender skin of infants. eco BABY utilizes the same powerful protection tools from free radical damage as eco BODY. In conjunction with the moisturizing and emollient properties of Shea butter and Jojoba, Avocado and Carrot oil provide gentle yet effective protection for delicate and sensitive skin.

ecō BODY

May very well be THE definitive sunscreen available, natural or chemical. It is fragrance free, non comedogenic (doesn't clog pores), hypoallergenic and free from chemical UV absorbers. eco BODY delivers the essence of balanced natural protection from harmful UV rays and provides nutritious support for the skin.

ecō FACE

ecō FACE is a powerfully acting natural UV sunscreen, yet light enough to be applied for daily use. Hypoallergenic and non comedogenic (doesn't clog pores), eco FACE is designed for use under makeup and provides a non greasy, cosmetically luxurious texture on the skin.

That is just about it :) I will be posting a giveaway for a tube of one of these awesome sunscreens very soon. Just check back within the next few days and It will be up :)

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  1. I love sunscreen too! But I blame it on the fact that I'm pasty pale! Great review.


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