Monday, June 18, 2012

Five finger Tees Honey Badger Shirt Review

I LOVE MY HONEY BADGER T SHIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I just needed to get that out there. A good friend of mine calls me a honey badger because I am always getting mail. And finding the best deals. And getting the best freebies. But I explained to her that blogging is not getting freebies. I WORK for my products. I have to spend time using them. Thinking about them. Loving them. And finally, writing about them.In this case. I am writing about FIVE FINGER TEES.First, I love their name and emblem. The joke is the *Five finger discount* Aka theft. Now I do not promote theft, and I doubt this company does either. But obviously they have a great sense of humor.
All of their products are funny. None are offensive (At lease not REALLY offensive to the open minded) and are of great quality. The run of the mill Tshirts that they automatically come in are wonderful quality. They are soft. Feel  and fit wonderfully as well as being fairly light weight. I played DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) for about an hour and I did not sweat as much as I would have wearing a heavier weight shirt. 
The company obviously has their finger on the pulse of pop culture. My particular shirt is from the viral video The Honey Badger. You can watch it *here* but, be advised there is some potentially offensive language. So watch at your own digression. The link to the shirt I got it here --> 
The shirt says :Honey BadgerNoun: A nocturnal badger-like carnivore that doesn't give a shit.        I love pop culture.. if I had found a T-shirt that had Narwhals on it See the video here it would have been mine in a heartbeat. I love Love LOVE witty T-shirts. I love this one in particular because one of my closet friends calls me a honey badger. 

Overall this is now one of my favorite shirts. I have worn it like three times in one week!!! I even took the time to make sure it got in the wash right away >..<

I hope this was a helpful review. I love this T-shirt and foresee many fun times for me and my Tee..
Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed :DUntil next time,GLITTERPUKEE!!!


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  1. Great post! Love the shirt - gave me a giggle. I remember watching that video a long time ago.


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