Monday, June 25, 2012

Sand Gone: Review and Before&after

Hey everyone,

as you may or may not know I live in the sunny land of florida. *Where the orange blossoms grow**

**OHHHH>>WE are the children of FLORIDA F L O R I D A :DDD**

 So why is this important?? (besides the fact that this company is Floridian) Because despite the fact that some non-beach goers think that sand magically goes away once you step away from the beach. IT DOESN'T!!!! AGHHH!!!!
Sand on your skin is one of the most uncomfortable things on the planet. It gets all over the car. Makes in between your toes horrifically uncomfortable. And above all leaves a layer of dirt on your skin like no other.

The product 

Before ( my feet properly caked in wet sand.. LOTS OF IT!!!) I worked to get that sand on!! 

And after... about 5 minutes of medium effort.

 It is a bit messy. I had to be careful not to leave a slipping hazard seeing as the main components of this product are Starches. Vegetable and Fruit starches of undisclosed variety. So I assume there is more to this magic mix than cornstarch XD

Any who, my point being, This stuff works!! Even on wet caked on sand. I love that is smells fresh and coconutty (ALWAYS A PLUS!)  It has fairly child friendly packaging. But I wouldn't let any sandy kids do this in the car. Then you would have sand AND veggie starches running amok. So keep the kids outside the car to do this. Maybe once you get away from the sand and don't plan on going back in for a while. There is a LARGE powder puff housed within the container which i greatly appreciate. My only *ehh* about it is that I wish there was a way to purchase more. That would be great! Then the dirty puff could be pulled out and washed while a clean one could be left in the container so you are never left without a puff. But overall this is an awesome product.

Not only do I love the concept and ease of use(I have two younger siblings plus the kids I babysit for) but I love that it is a local company!!

Check out the website Sand

Definitely check it out and all of the wonderful  videos and live testimonials for this product. 

I hope this was a helpful review (It is a helpful product for any beach goer..Playground goer...I think some lakes have sand too right???)

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