Saturday, June 9, 2012

SKOY Review and Giveaway

Hey everyone,
          Another review and giveaway :) SKOY makes reusable Shamwow type paper towel replacements. They are squishy and are decorated with their fun signature flower design. They come in cute colors and are indispensable.

As per their site:
‘The idea originated when Michelle was living in Europe in the late 90’s. She discovered a product that was similar to the SKOY cloth and it was just amazing. Over time she found the cloth to be indispensable. When she moved back to the US, she realized that the use of a sponge was inadequate and the excessive use of paper towels, wasteful. Michelle searched and searched for a similar cloth and nothing even compared; nothing was of the same caliber. This is when Michelle introduced the cloth to Karen. She immediately fell in love with it and could not imagine cleaning with anything else.’

        I think these wipes are awesome and they seem to be more effective than any of the Shammy type products. Skoy is available at The Container Store and most Cost Plus World Market locations. I haven't a clue what Cost Plus is but I do love  the container store :D 
I did a test to see how effective they are..
I put a measuring cup with almost a full 1cup of water and tried to see how many times I had to soak the cloth to pick it all up and transfer it in a bowl. ONLY TWO AND A HALF TIMES!!!!!  This is crazyness!

Original level...

after one dip!!!!!!!!!

squeezed out :)

I will be giving away another set to one lucky person. Make sure to check out my other active giveaways by searching by tag :)

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Thanks for reading :D And thanks for entering in the giveaway <3 It will end on the 30th of june :) a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Germy sponges are gross. Knowing that a sponge carries the most germs makes me want to use Skoy cloths more. I have a house full of sponges that will be going in the garbage now

  2. A lot! Buying paper products really adds up!

  3. Definitely makes me want to switch more, sponges are GROSS.

  4. Ooooh... $10 every two weeks in savings?

    Bacteria is always bad, but I wash my sponges and would wash these as well. I'd still try these out though.

  5. I wash my sponge very often, or I microwave it. I would use these way often, though.

  6. I use dish towels a lot, and then wash them. I do use paper towels for ucky spills.

  7. It makes me want to switch to Skoy more, because they look like they'd be machine washable...?

  8. I could save probably about $10 a month, which really adds up!


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