Monday, June 25, 2012

SwirlyDo's Review :DD

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This is my review of the SwirlyDo from facial works

This is another fun hair accessory Swirly dos are made out of the same plastic coil that everyone used to put their keys on. Except now they come in colors that will match your hair, smaller overall diameter, and are being marketed as hair elastic/accessory thingies. That right there is some marketing GENIUS! So a big round of applause for the creators of SwirlyDo's for re-purposing an every day object (that didn't do that great of a job at what it was supposed to do) and make it AMAZING at that. 

  My mum says I should go walk over to the hardware store and get some cute colored ones. First thing you should know. The hardware store is more than an hours walk away. and two, The ones at the hardware store are double the size.. not helpful seeing as these are barely small enough to keep my medium length hair up in a bun. So bigger does not equal better in this case.

 These fit your wrist without having to stretch. These stretch quite a bit while on the wrist.

The SwirlyDo hair elastic thingies come in 5 or 8pks. I received a 5pk brown variety pack. It comes with a yellowy see-thru, two redish brown see-thrus and two opaque dark browns.

They are waterproof,virtually slip proof and don't leave ugly Pony lines. I HATE PONY LINES!! So with that logic I love these!!!

I have completely destroyed one of the red brown ones.








As you can see the blonde one is the original size and the brownish red one is now very stretched out. It does not effect is usefulness seeing as I wrap it around my pony tail about 3 times to get it fully secure. And about the same for when I put my hair up in a bun.

I personally have adopted the SwirlyDo as my go to summer hair accessory. Although not as cute on my wrist it does have the plus on not slipping out of my hair until I pull it out (gently of course)

I hope this review was helpful :)
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