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Zinn Beauty Review

                     Zinn beauty is formulated in morroco and contains the only Morrocan Argan Oil directly imported from Morocco. I was sent their 100% pure Argan oil, Velvet Facial cleansing milk, revitalizing Anti-Aging creme, and Smooth Body milk.

 Now, I know that I am young.. and I don't need to be using anti-aging products. But I wanted to test it for myself, despite the fact that I could ask my mother or grandmother etc. to test it for me. I have found that many anti-aging product do not make a huge difference in my skin except keep me from getting sun freckles and keep it more moisturized than it normally would be. I also believe in preventative skin care. That means taking care of the issues before the become problems. So this is something that I was indefinitely interested in (especially the ARGAN OIL aspect of these products. I have been crazy curious about Argan oil and I finally was able to experience the wonders of this oil myself.)   

       I will be honest. I was a bit overly excited when I finally received the package from them. The products sounded amazing and the benefits of Argan Oil have been touted and tooted all over the internet for a few years. I was intrigued.

     The second I got the little boxes, which were all beautiful and ornate, I kind of savagely ripped out the Argan Oil. This 2oz bottle will hopefully last me a while. It is glass and has a beautiful ornate top to it. A pretty little orange tassel hangs off of it. You may want to remove the tassel because it does become a bit cumbersome at times. But it isn't a big deal. 

 In the mean time I have been putting my new found do everything product to good use. As a facial moisturizer, on my hair as a serum, on my knees and elbows to relieve dry itchy skin. 
Anything I could think of I used it for. Even for the heat rashes on the backs of my knees. It has been helping them heal much faster than had I left it well enough alone. However I am sure that if I had a prescription creme/lotion my healing would be done and over with.  

   I would say that argan oil has been the savior for my parched and sun beaten skin. Zinn beauty argan oil is the only one I have tried but in comparison to the MorrocanOil hair oil I think the pure stuff is more effective and nicer feeling.  I love the feel that the Velvet Facial Cleansing Milk leaves my skin with. Even before I apply moisturizer and I am sitting there with a spot treatment on my skin(for pimples...I am a acne faced teen sometimes) it feels silk smooth and not at all dry. As if I put on the lightest of moisturizers.  My skin has reacted wonderfully to the cleanser. I have not had any more breakouts than I usually do, despite the super moisturizing nature of the face wash.

      The body lotion is AWESOME!!! I cannot say that enough. I love that it felt nice on my skin, absorbed quickly and left a light clean scent that some people who have keen noses complimented me on how nice I smell. The Smooth Body milk leaves my skin smooth and comfortable. Unlike some other not so nice body lotions leave a layer of residue on my skin, or feel sticky after a few minutes. Not nice at all.I love my Smooth Body milk. I hope that the generously sized tube never runs out. 

The Revitalizing Anti-Aging creme left my face soft and moisturized. It helped to smooth of some of the roughness that was around my nose from when I was sick last. 

     I am in the midst of having my Grandmother test out the product. I had her try it while I was visiting her last weekend and she said she immediately  felt the difference. According to her, her skin felt firmer and smoother than her past face cremes. She loved the light citrusy fresh scent and how it left her skin feeling soft. And tighter? But not in a bad way. More attached to her face? I am not quite sure what she meant by that.  I will do an update post on my experience with Argan Oil as well as her experience with the Face Creme later on.

     Overall,  I would definitely suggest these products. I LOVE LOVE LOVE The argan oil and I will probably look into repurchasing when I run out of it.  Hope my review was helpful :)   

Thanks for reading and Until Next Time.. 


Disclosure: I was sent these products for review, however all opinions presented are my own. No one told me what I was allowed to say.

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  1. I've never tried Zinn products before. They look luscious! Great post! :)


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