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Hey everyone!!!

         This is a quick review of 599 fashion. It is a web site that sells normal clothing for a whole lot cheaper. It does this by not telling you where the clothing is from. I chose three items, two *patent leather * mini purses in green and blue as well as a floral bikini.

What I didn’t know was that they clothing is not of their own making. The purses were identical and came from Forever21. If I had bought them I would have saved 6+ dollars each! They are great quality but were not as big as I expected them to be. 
Because everything is cheap you do take a bit of a bargain at times. In this case the bikini was not as wonderfully built as I had hoped. It is awesome. Looks great except that the darts on the cups are a bit too… Sharp.. and pointy >..<

Overall I think it is an awesome site!!! You can get 3.99 bras and cute jewelry too! If something doesn’t sell out of it’s own accord they will put on clearance which makes it even cheaper.

But word to the wise cheaper(er) is not always better…they often sell out of the cute stuff first. You might end up choosing between Ehh and Mehh. I will definitely be checking out in the future. I was originally supposed to receive a dress but it was sold out by the time I submitted my request and they didn’t substitute my other dress choice in for some reason. I wish they would have been more willing to do so. Instead they gave me my second choice substitute which was the blue purse. :/ 

A bit sad about that because it was a really cute little white dress that would have been perfect for summer!!

Check out their site here

 Hope this was a helpful review.
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  1. I dig the green purse, I've been trying to find cute summer purses (mine currently has snow flakes), haha.. Thanks for the review.


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