Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Batiste Dry shampoo

Heyaaaalll,This is an awesome dry shampoo. Oops, did I forget a real introduction? Yea.. I guess I did. Oh well.Anyhow, This is an AWESOME dry shampoo. I have used Batiste's products in the past but I have been iffy about the scents. I was crazy allergic to Blush and found that original was a bit odd. But now that they have a new one, Fresh, I was willing to give it another go. I was sent Fresh to review and I might have to go buy myself another. When I am not in the sun or water everyday I tend to only was my hair twice or three times a week. Max. But now to get away with going even two days dry shampoo is my best friend. Batiste Fresh leaves my hair soft, smelling great and with a nice bounce to it. There is little to no whitish cast left on my dark blondish hair. I love that it is super convenient when you don't have time to wash your hair, all you need is a brush, a clip of some sort and the dry shampoo. One of my friends saw me using it and tried to run away with the bottle. I told her she couldn't steal it yet because I hadn't written my review. But really I just wasn't willing to part with it. 
Here is a how to from the Batiste site 

It's quick, easy and convenient
  • Step1


    Separate hair into 1.5 inch sections and spray all over holding can approximately 2 inches away, from root to tip.
  • Step1


    Use fingers to lift and separate hair as you spray.
  • Step1


    Massage into your scalp, working the product right into the roots. Leave for a minute or two, then gently brush out. That's it!

I hope this was a helpful review :D I enjoyed using this product and would recommend it to anyone looking to wash their hair less often. 

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  1. I have never tryed dry shampoo I am iffy because of the type of hair i have . Good review

  2. I love the Fresh one! It gives my hair such volume, but I'm partial to the Marc Anthony dry shampoo it gives my hair crazy volume which I need!


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