Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Del Sol Review

hey everyone!!
I got a bunch of fun nail polishes to review from Del Sol the other day.
Now, living in Miami people expect me to have my polish collection dripping with color changing polishes. But to be honest I have never tried them (except for that time, when I was 5...but that does not count!!)
The colors were wonderful. I would suggest them to anyone looking for a fun summer polish. 
This is one coat of 5 of the 6 polishes I was sent (to my polish fiends... I apologize feverishly for the mess!!) The color not pictured is great for office to beach (if you can get there before the sun goes down) It starts off a beautiful beige nude and turns into a fun peachy pink.

two coats

Three coats no sun

Three coats

Inside three coats. no sun exposure what so ever. 

The end result. I love the colors... (and the one not pictured.. sorry poor lonely color. I wish I had a sixth finger so I might have been able to swatch you with the others)
But, they are not super easy to apply. The shimmers are super sheer and are a bit of a pain to build up. As you can see in the last photo I still have a visible nail line. The glitters are wonderful. They did not bubble, were easy to remove (and any good glitter polish junkie knows that glitter is a pain to remove) and best of all were pretty darn opaque. The one picture above as silver but in the sun red goes very opaque!! and it looks ok with a VNL, I really love it.

I also received a set of color changing hair clips.. I do not have photos of my own to post.. but I will include the official ones from the site.

The clips are super fun!! They change color quickly, go brighter than pictured above and look beautiful in the sun and out.

Here is a quick bite from the Del Sol site about the company
About Del Sol
Headquartered in Sandy, Utah, Del Sol was established in 1994 and has since grown to more than
100 stores worldwide in 23 countries. Today it’s the world’s leading brand of color-changing apparel
and accessories and the number-one promoted merchant onboard Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Princess,
Disney, Celebrity, and Norwegian Cruise Lines.
We began selling our color-changing clothing and accessories out of a small retail cart in
Murray, Utah’s Fashion Place Mall, eventually spreading our concept throughout the United
States and Canada. After expanding our color-changing product line and fun-under-the-sun
experience, we took our products to the world’s most popular cruise ship ports, opening the first,
full Del Sol store in St. Thomas in 1997.
NASA explored earlier concepts of color change for its space program back in the ‘70s and ‘80s,
but Del Sol further developed and expanded this technology, engineering its own proprietary
Spectrachrome® color-changing crystals that are found in all Del Sol products today. Del Sol’s
color-changing crystals are harvested from the sunniest, most colorful places on the planet
and then engineered for use on nearly 10,000 color-changing retail items.
Much like a flower that blossoms in the sun’s rays, Del Sol’s exclusive Spectrachrome® crystals
open and unfold upon exposure to sunlight; revealing their hidden colors.
Jeff Pedersen, on behalf of Del Sol, is the winner of the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of
the Year Award in Retail, Utah’s Best of State Statue and medal, and is found on Inc. Magazine’s 500/
5000 fastest-growing businesses, along with Utah’s Top 100 Private Businesses.
Through humanitarian efforts, Del Sol has donated more than a million dollars worth of product and aid
to victims of the Haitian earthquake, the South East Asia Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina, as well as
hundreds of other projects around the world.

That is it :)

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All opinions expressed are my own with exception of where I have directly copied information from the sponsor's site. I have been sent this product/products for the purpose of review and review only. I am not being paid to say nice things about their products nor am I being compensated in any way. I was not required to post a positive review about this product. 


  1. I love the nail polish colors! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love nail polish. I can tell the nail polish covers god unlike some other nail polish thanks for the review

  3. I love those colors!! And the color changing hair clips? Too cute!

  4. The 80s and early 90s were filled with coloring changing products everywhere. This was like a weird flashback! Lol, really like the colors and the clips are too cute

  5. Thank you for such great information on this product. Wow they turned out great!!!

  6. What beautiful colors! Where can I purchase these at?

    1. you can buy them at www.DelSol.com. or find a store near you. it's always fun to see the color change in person!


  7. I LOVE color changing stuff. Pretty!


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