Saturday, July 14, 2012

Enjoy hair care

Hey everyone,

Today I am reviewing Enjoy Haircare's Sulfate free products. 

Here is the official description I got from the rep I was working with as well as the official photo. I shows the normal sized shampoo tho. ENJOY Summer Refresh 

Clarify, cleanse, hydrate and protect your precious strands with ENJOY’s Summer Refresh system.
·     ENJOY Clarifying Spray - a one of a kind spray-in clarifying and chelating formula designed to remove mineral deposits, product build up, chlorine and other impurities in the hair. A must have for swimmers! Great for hard water areas and medication build up, it’s color safe for all hair types. 10oz pump spray bottle - $18.64 (USD)

·     ENJOY Sulfate Free Shampoo - Gently eliminates build up without stripping the hair color. Cleanse Sensor® Technology insures proper cleansing of the hair and scalp. Color safe for all hair types. Gives hair strength, smoothness, shine, frizz control and volume with incredible manageability. This supersized 33oz bottle retails for $40.64(USD). (NOTE: ENJOY sent 33oz shampoos and I don’t have a picture of the larger size. The photo attached shows the 10oz bottle)

·     ENJOY Hair Mask – Intensive smoothing mask for enriching dry and unruly hair.  Leaves hair soft, silky and easy to manage. For an intense treatment, cover hair with a plastic bag and apply heat for 20 minutes. 8oz tube - $27.44 (USD) 

·     ENJOY Conditioning Spray – Leave it in or rinse it out. Detangles while providing protection and moisture without weighing the hair down. Excellent for frizz control with a low pH of 3.5-4.5. Closes the cuticle and locks in color.  Excellent for reactivating curls or product on dry hair and is recommended for all hair types. 10oz size - $20.84(USD)

I love that they sent me a Shampoo that I will be able to use forever, it is 33oz!!!!!! Its an insane amount of shampoo. Everyone in my house has been borrowing it for the last few weeks.   It leaves my hair feeling super clean and soft. It smells great and is awesome for after the pool when I want to be good and not use way way wayyyy to much shampoo because it lathers up wonderfully. Although I like how it feels after my hair is dry, before I condition it does leave a bit of a "sticky" feel which bugs me a bit. However, It does go away with a bit conditioner so no worries. (I must say that I was worried at first!)

 I was also sent three other products. A deep conditioning hair masque, leave in conditioner spray and a special spray for swimmers and people in hard water zones. Lucky me, I have/am both -_-" 

The deep conditioning mask is wonderful. I love how smooth it feels on the hair and that it is in a squeeze tube. A major plus when you wear glasses or contacts.. are in the shower and don't want to end up with the jar of product filled with water. It leaves my hair soft and does not feel heavy, even before you rinse it off.  

The conditioner spray rocks!! It seems to be conditioning enough to forgo normal conditioner.. but I think I would feel bad loading up my hair with that much product. I generally just spray 5 to 7  sprays all over my hair when I get out the shower and have dried my hair really well with a microfiber towel. My hair is less frizzy for the rest of the day when I use the deep conditioner :)  

The last product I received was the Swimmers spray also known as Clarifying spray. I can't say that I see immediate results.. But it smells lovely. I do like that it allows me to use the shampoo without worry that it will strip my fun hair colors. Unlike other ant-chlorine systems the only active component is the spray. So you aren't stuck with a crazy expensive chlorine shampoo that you only use once in a while. Instead everything is a every day (or as often as you should use it each week) product. Except the spray. That makes me happy knowing that products are multi-functional. 

If you are looking to purchase these products, visit their main site  And check out the salon locator  

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I hope this was a helpful review.. I will be posting a giveaway below :DDDD FOR ALL OF THESE PRODUCTS!!! ITS CRAZY TALK!!

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  1. Looks like a great product! Would love to try this stuff.

  2. The conditioner spray sounds like it would definitely be my favorite product!

  3. I want everything now. I would love to use the spray and have my hair super soft and smooth after the river.

  4. The reason I should win is I love shampoo that makes oyur hair soft and shinny

  5. Wow! That Hair Color Looks Good, But Pricey!

  6. Wow! That Hair Color Looks Good, But Pricey!


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