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Godefroy Hair dye pods

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This is a quickie review on the pretty darn awesome hair dye pods I requested from Godefroy for my mum.
The box comes with 4 capsules (the size of a normal pill capsule) and a bottle of activator. The capsules are filled with powder dye and you have to pour a quarter of the activator mixture into a non metallic bowl and then add one capsule.
I will be quite frank here. I did not expect a single capsule to contain or produce as much dye as it did.

The capsules... look how small!!!

 Here is a photo in my dye mixing bowl (you can buy one from any beauty supply store for less than $4)
This is how much dye it ended up making.. enough to get my mum's three grey areas.. her temples and a little bit in the front. She HATES dying her hair because of the smell, the time and the mess. This was almost odorless. MAJOR PLUS!!!! I have never found a dye that is duo process with such low odor. My  Semi-Permanent dyes that I use in my hair for the crazy colors smell as much. And they aren't even permanent. It is insane! It is also low mess. The dye is thick and creamy. No drips managed to dive bomb our white bathroom carpet this time around. (our carpet is a veteran to the bleach bath due to hair dye accidents. Many of which were my fault -_-")
The time was not horrible. But I think that it is more the time spent with the dye in the hair, the fumes assaulting your nasal passages and making it hard to keep your eyes open is the problem. Not that you have to wait for 30minutes before rinsing it out.

 The grays we tackled! It gave very good coverage and did not leave a huge stain. I do not have photos of the after... but the stubborn grays were reduced to a faint glimmer within the overall color of her hair. 

A few final words. 
Buy some gloves before you do the application... brown fingers are not cute. 
Get yourself a non metallic bowl before you start. Do not be stingy with the dye. You get better coverage and better results when you use more dye. On the same note it should not be dripping off of your head. 
A rag towel is always a good idea to protect your clothing, but you should still wear clothing you don't really care about. Same token as a painting shirt.
Last, I wish this came in lighter colors!!!!!!! Red, Blonde, Light Brown would be wonderful. But alas, we are stuck purchasing touch up kits off the shelves. 

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About Godefroy (From their site directly)

 About Us
For decades, hairstylists have been using Godefroy to effectively cover the most resistant gray hair on brows, beards, mustaches and side burns.  From this foundation we have been able to deliver exceptional products with proven results to salons and spas.
The Godefroy hair color brand has a rich salon history that dates back to the 1930’s. Originally from France, our products soon became a favorite in salons across America.  We are a family owned business with many of our products manufactured right here in our Arlington, Texas facility.   
We take great pride in our products with emphasis on research and development.  This gives us the ability to produce high quality products and cutting edge formulations for salons and consumers.
We love to hear back from our customers.  Please feel free to send us your suggestions and comments.

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I hope this review was helpful :)  
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All opinions expressed are my own with exception of where I have directly copied information from the sponsor's site. I have been sent this product/products for the purpose of review and review only. I am not being paid to say nice things about their products nor am I being compensated in any way. I was not required to post a positive review about this product. 

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