Sunday, July 15, 2012


Hey ya’lllll,

So this is my review on the GoToob. And let me tell you. It is awesome. 

Seriously. I received the smallest size for review purposes. It has a fun squishy silicon body and a easy to use flip top. I love this bottle/tube because not only is it travel friendly but it is also beach bag friendly. Who has thrown a sunscreen into your bag only to find when you get to the beach that it has exploded… everywhere?? Well, I don’t know about you per say. But oh gosh, has it happened to me. I HATE it when that happens. Waterproof sunscreen is not an easy to clean item of off sunglasses, keys and cell phones (Hint: I keep mine in a zip baggie no matter if I plan on getting in the water or not. It can always rain…wet people can get too close to the bag and drip on it…water bottles tip over…soda bottles know the drill. What can go wrong will definitely go wrong. No matter how hard you try you just have to be prepared!) The small size of the Toob is definitely deceiving. I had one tube of sunscreen that exploded so an emergency transfusion had to be completed to save as much of it’s contents as possible. I would swear to high places that I managed to get a more than a WHOLE OUNCE of sunscreen into that itty bitty tube. It is insane! I did not expect to be able to save as much as I did. I give Gotoob props for that one.

Now, about their slogan; Go humans! GO!
I.            LOVE.      IT.
I have this  thing where whenever I see something about humans.. I have to have it.That T-shirt I got with an awesome stencil of a whale saying *save the humans* on it.
That poster that says *the next generation of humans may not be ready for what we are leaving them*. ETC. So, when I saw the tag line that said *GO HUMANS! GO!* I will admit it made me a bit excited.
It is talking about how we need to shed all the extra weight so we can get a move on already. I personally love the idea. You can order a 20 some odd ounce bottle of sunscreen and fill up a Gotoob with some of the crazy huge investment you just made. It allows for sunscreen application on the fly. The bottles have been heralded by flight attendants for their ability to not *POP* when the plane hit a crazy high altitude. Because if you are not yet aware, their luggage stays in a very different part of the plane than ours does.
 I would definitely suggest these bottles. I am also able to share one *1* small Gotoob with one of my followers. I would like to say thank you to everyone who follows this blog via GFC, Email,  Networked blogs and Bloglovin. If you don’t already follow go ahead and follow via email or any of the other options. It is easy and makes it so in the future I can review more *hot topic* items.Also, go ahead and follow my Twitter and Like the facebook :D

All the cute colors they come in (all picturing the size you will win.. in green :)

Check out their site here!/lelalu100


  1. I need to win becauseI live in florida and we use sunscree all the time.

  2. cause im cool? and i live in hawaii? lol

  3. These bottles sound like LIFE SAVERS! Thanks for the giveaway opp!


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