Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My somewhat escapade

Hey everyone... I am currently away from my house and therefore not able to work from my laptop
If posts look garbled
or don't have images... or things just start to crazy
I'm sorry. I will do my best to post while I am here and will do my best to keep up with my reviews
Unfortunately I do not have my review list. So I will be writing on what I grabbed as I ran out of the house to review.
I hope you guys are having an awesome summer...now I must go eat and finish painting a friend's nails yellow with Zoya Pippa :D
Gorgeous color... look!
and pray for my poor thumb.. I really messed it up. So bad that it had to be chopped down so it has almost no nail apart from the nail bed :/
But I am using Nailtiques formula 2 and it is really helping.

and I love that red!!! Probably will be painting my nails that color later...


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