Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Review: Darcy's Botanicals

They have the most amazing bogy oils ever!!!
Everything I tried smelled absolutely amazing. ( I received two body oils and a hair masque from the company to write my review on) 

My skin and hair was left crazy soft and smelling fresh. 

The body oils are amazing. I choose Apricot and Cacao bean scented ones. The main difference between the two was packaging. The Apricot one came in a spray pump bottle. It made usage a breeze. No worries about the top leaking, it would be under a cap, and no worries about oil residue getting all over my bag when I throw it in carelessly (because I tend to do silly things like that when I am at the beach or on the go). The shape is more convenient simply due to the fact that I can get more *flat* items into a bag in comparison to *round* items. 
They leave my skin super soft, hair shiny and nails happy (desperate times call for desperate measures). I love that they are super multi-use and would suggest them to anyone who tends to get dry midday or would like an easy scent boost at the same time. They impart a sexy sheen and leave a wonderful scent that not only lasts all day but isn't too *In your face* and doesn't usually knock people out. Unless of course we are talking about the good way :D
I love both scents! Apricot (of which I do not relish eating it's namesake fruit) smells just like a freshly bitten ...well Apricot. It is super realistic and I feel that this is partially because of the base oil is Apricot Kernel. 
Cacao smells wonderful as well, I love chocolate and this smells exactly like a chocolate bar (kind of). It has a CACAO BEAN in the BOTTLE!!! Soo cool!!! I did not expect that what so ever. I love the true-ness of scent in both of these oils.

The deep hair masque smells just as wonderful. The instructions say you should leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes and then rinse it out. Welllllll... I forgot it was in my hair, I was reading a great book, so I ended up keeping it in for about an hour. It was easy to rinse out and left my hair CRAZY soft. I used about a tablespoon? and I think I will be using it forever! I will be repurchasing when I run out because for the price I have yet to find a deep conditioning masque that leaves my hair quite so soft. I do love one of the ones yet to be reviewed (It is coming soon.. promise!) and will probably be repurchasing it as well.
I love all three of the products I received and would recommend them to anyone with any hair type. Amazing products hands down. 

A short description from their site:

Who's Darcy?

Darcy's Botanicals is a family-owned company that is named after my precious little pea (Darcy). My hobby turned passion was born out of my desire to live a more natural lifestyle and the need to learn how to take care of our natural coils (properly) without the use of chemicals. I was also motivated by my sister's beautiful coils to create products that would help to nourish and enhance natural (curly) hair.

I spent most of my time mixing up butters and creams known to nourish, protect, soften and moisturize curls. I also spent lots of time researching natural ingredients and finding regimens that would work with and not against our coils.

All of our curly hair & skin care treats are created & handcrafted by me (Lysandra Taylor) right here in the USA. I have been mixing, creating, and studying natural & organic ingredients for over (8) years now. I absolutely love, love, love what I do:) I hope that by providing natural, organic, and naturally derived products for naturals, curlies, loc wearers and multi-ethnic curls that work, it will make it much easier for us to choose to love and embrace our natural hair.

We hope you will love our creations as much as we enjoy creating them for you.

Lysandra & Darcy

I suggest all of these products with the highest of regards and will be including their social media links below.

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  1. awsome review i will have to try them ty for the info

  2. Very informative post. Thanks for taking the time to share your view with us. gum grafting

  3. You always do good reviews - you could honestly write for days couldn't ya? hehe.. just playing. I loved the review and these are worth checking into.


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