Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Slanted Soft Touch Tweezer from Slice: Review

Hey everyone :DDD  

(The word tweezer is totally messing with me right now... it does not look right.)
                 Todays review is a tweezer... now, I know what you are thinking.
Aren't all tweezers the same... A tweezer is a tweezer right??
NOO!!!!! oh gosh no!!
I wish that every tweezer I have purchased had been as great as this one is
Ergonomic shape makes it super easy to use
It makes taking out everything from the tiniest eyebrow hairs to annoying splinters a breeze
Fits comfortably in hand 
Finish gives good grip for fingers, amazing grip on whatever you are trying to remove
Cute. I love the red, wish it came in more colors. Like green, purple, orange etc. It would make the product more appealing to everyone. What if someone doesn't like red?
There isn't a ton someone can say about a tweezer. I do agree with the claims made on the site. I will copy and paste them below directly. I will also include their official photos. 

What do you get when you combine the design skills of famed architect Michael Graves, two years of testing and development, and collaboration with top beauty professionals, stylists and estheticians? The result is a tweezer experience like you've never had before. Perfectly aligned, hand-filed slanted tips and a wide, comfortable rubberized red soft-touch grip for expert precision, every time.
- Perfectly aligned slanted edges
- Hand-filed precision tips
- Ideal for professional brow shaping
- Professional grade stainless steel
- Soft-touch red rubberized finish
- Wide comfort grip
- For home or salon
Also available in 100% stainless steel.
Designed for Slice by Michael Graves
Isn't it pretty?? 
I wish that I could suggest places to purchase this wonderful tweezer. But I haven't a clue where they are sold outside of the online realm. They run for about $19.99 of what I have seen.  I would defintely suggest these to anyone looking for an alternative to a Tweezerman tweezer. I love my Tweezerman tweezers but this one is just as good. 
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I hope this review was helpful :)
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  1. I need a quality pair of tweezers because those pesky micro-hairs are had to grab with conventional tweezers. Thanks for letting me know about this pair :)

  2. I love the shape! I have such a hard time finding a good pair of tweezers, that look cute!


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