Sunday, July 22, 2012

Soda Stream: Guestpost...Hungry Russian Wombat??

Heyyy everyone :D My sister is doing a guest post for me today. She ended up being the main user of the device so I figured that I would let her write about. That does make sense right???
I just wanted to do a quick update. I have a bunch of reviews comming up like always and even more GIVEAWAYS than normal. So be on the lookout and subscribe to this page. One upcoming is  NuNAAT that we will be doing a dual review on. I will review how it reacted on my straight hair and her super curly hair :D 
So without further ado this is her review (un edited by me.. so please do not hold me accountable for her sillyness ;D)

             Ok so this soda stream machine is fantastic, all I have to do is fill up the soda stream bottle with any water, attach it to the soda stream, turn it on and a minute later I have soda water or soda if you add the flavoring. There are even 0 calorie seltzer flavorings, I like the lemon the best its zingy and refreshing (and I’m drinking some as I type XD). 
               The soda stream makes VERY bubbly soda water so it stays fizzy longer, and the flavorings that were sent all taste like genuine soda when added to the carbonated water unlike some other products that end up tasting watery or just not right. (I’ve already ordered new bottles of the cola because it’s almost used up!)
                      Ok so you’re probably thinking, but the machine costs so much! Why would I buy this when I can get a can or bottle at the corner store. Well I like to be as eco friendly as possible and just think of all the plastic that doesn’t get wasted! That’s a bottle not- wasted in each use even if it ends up costing a little more in the end.  On the downside the soda stream makes a annoying grinding/buzzing sound when being used and it sounds like there’s something wrong so I freaked out the first couple times we used it.
               I suggest the soda stream for all the college students and office workers who want to be able to have sodas on a whim without going to the store; you can keep the soda stream on the corner of a desk and the flavor syrups in a mini fridge so the only place you need to go is to fill the bottle with water. Saves time and helps you stay eco friendly, so you can be guilt free when you drink the diet cola in more way then one.

Ok, what do you guys think? 
Personally I loved the soda stream. But I know that my Dad did not like that most of the syrups I received were not diet but partially. He did love the Cane Sweetened Cola because it is very similar to the Pepsi throwback products we have been purchasing. 

I love the cane sweetened products as well. I was disappointed when the root beer was half cane sweetened half artificially sweetened. Overall it is a great product and allows you full control on how much sugar your kidlings are consuming.. they might even get so used to the lower levels of syrup that they might be confused when they get normal soda. My brother said what I was drinking one day tasted like I had left ice in my cup and let it melt.. oh well. 


Check out soda stream on their site,

Hope this was helpful :DDD 

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  1. I love the new leamonade flavor and lemonade with tea. YUM. "Fishful Thinking"

  2. SodaStream is amazing, and I love how easy it is to use! Thanks for sharing your information on this product!

  3. I want to try more flavors of Soda Stream. I tried the Root Beer on and loved it.


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