Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Trukid Happy Face and Body lotion/Sunny days spf30+ stick

Hey everyone... now this might be odd.. but this is technically a guest review..
My younger brother is 10 years old. He is entering 5th grade this year and is a bit crazy smart. He is also in the autism spectrum. Very high functioning at that, but he is there at the edge often identified as Aspergers. 

This is his review. I had him test the products. See how they felt on his skin. And then tell me how he felt about them. He did expect me to edit the videos... and I would. But I feel that the rawness is appropriate coming from a kid who will not put on sunscreen unless it is of a certain tactile feel. Or any other lotion type product for that matter. 

        I personally enjoyed the set up of the product. The lotion feels great and sinks in immediately. The sunscreen is a bit chalky in texture and did not apply as easily as Zack and  I would have liked to. 
(Disclosure.. I bribed him with skittles to get him to test the products..he suggested the review by video of his own accord :D)
      I love that it came with a reminder sheet on when to apply the two. It includes check boxes for *did you brush your teeth?*, *did you eat a healthy breakfast?*, *did you apply your Sunny Days spf 30+ for healthy skin* and so on. There is a morning and Night aspect due to the nature of sunscreen as well as teeth brushing. One does not need sunscreen at night. But you do need to brush your teeth when you wake up and go to bed. 

Thats it... Hopefully the video will behave

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  1. Goo sunscreen is really hard to find. Glad you are helping spread the word on a kid's sunscreen :)

  2. Thanks for sharing this wonderful review. Not a lot of people are aware of the importance of finding suncreen for kids.


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