Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hurricane Season :D Vivid Lacquer

Hey everyone :DDD
I have a very special feature today. Vivid Lacquer sent me a few polishes to swatch and share with you guys... So far I have worn the first of three Hurricane Season. Now, those of whom know that I am in Miami also know that I love anything to do with bad humor. And it is about to be Hurricane season here so this fits into both categories.. CUTE AND SATIRICAL :D 

I decided that the perfect underwear for this color would be Sinful Colors Cinderella. If you guys don't remember what all the hubbub was about, it is a beautiful pale blue with awesome pinky shimmer. Talk about a Twofer :)

Then I layered on two *2* coats of Hurricane Season. The application was not bad. It applied evenly and did not make my life difficult by having all of the glitter stay in just one section of my nail. The shimmer of Cinderella perfectly matched that of Hurricane Season. I am pleased with my choice of underwear (I am not the only one who feels that way about dressing too..right? Like you go to a party and think, "I am wearing the perfect pair of underwear for this occasion".  Anyhow, I think that. Think me strange but I do.) and I love that it is exactly how it would look if I had put on a whole lot of coats but without the thick coat of polish or potential VNL (Visible Nail Line.. drives me bonkers). 

So.. enough about me and my underwear and on to the photos :D 

See the PINK SHIMMER!!!!

One coat of Hurricane Season over Cinderella. Pardon my lack of cleanup in the preceding photos :) It was mid mani

The final result :D I LOVE IT!!! I wore the manicure for over a week... I have little to no chipping. Just a small amount of tip wear. NOW I am off to go put on my Cookies n Creme. The next polish I will be featuring from Vivid Lacquer. If you would like to purchase these polishes please check her out here:)

Or check out her Etsy page here Vivid Lacquer Etsy 

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