Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Julep :D Maven boxes and Giveaway

Hey everyoneeee,
This is a quick review and GIVEAWAYY!!!!!

Seriously, I am super excited to giveaway this *product* It is a Julep Maven box. 
Not familiar with what a maven box is? Well.. I might be able to help. 
Julep maven boxes are a subscription box that run for $20 a month. You can opt out of a box one month if you do not like what it includes, or maybe you already own everything inlcuded. When you first go to sign up you *might* just be able to get a great insider deal... how does a box for a penny sound?? But, there is a catch :P If I get you this deal, you use my referral code ;) I don't think that is too bad and then in the future I will be able to continue doing these Julep reviews without going broke (no actual income for this girl.. just stuff >..<) Lets rewind to before I mentioned that tantalizing deal. When you go to the site you have to fill out a style survey it will put you into one of five categories. 
Classic with a twist
Boho Glam 
American Beauty 
It Girl
And the screen will look like this. At least mine did.. I took a screen shot. So technically this is my image with their site in it? 
But, If you don't like the colors feel free to pick another box. It is all about what you like. You can't choose every aspect but you darn well can choose which one you pay for!!
So, then you pay yada yada (making sure you used my REFERRAL link and code MAVENINTRO to get your first box for a penny) and you get the box.
But what about next month??
well every month you will choose the box that you want.. If you don't want one make sure to opt out in time. Otherwise you might get a box you don't want. 

The biggest thing that I really want to talk about (you know me.. lacquer head till I die) is the awesome polish that came in the box!!

I received Courtney and Hayden as well as two add ons America and O' Canada. 
Courtney is a beautiful soft almost military green. Hayden is the perfect orange popsicle color. But, most people say that they look like Honeydew and Canteloupe. Why? Because I did a half moon manicure (as pictured below) with the two colors. Application was wonderful but they were definitely not one coaters. If they were I would have slicked on a coat of Courtney, stuck on the french mani-guides, added some Hayden, thrown on some top coat and been out the door. Unfortunately for the impatient kid in me I had to apply three coats of Courtney and then two of Hayden.

The two add on's were special polishes just for Fourth of July and Canada day. They are both glitter top coats featuring colors of the flags. To be patriotic ya' know :) 
So here is another screen shot from their site. 
The right site is America and the left is O' Canada here are my personal photos..

They are so pretty!!
Here is everything I got side by side

So are you guys ready for the giveaway :D 
Reminder.. Click here if you want to sign up for julep
And use code MAVENINTRO when you do so you can get your first box for a penny :) (Best deal ever btw. $40 of stuff for a penny.. makes all of the other boxes you get after worth so much more :D)

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