Wednesday, August 22, 2012

OASAP Claw earrings!!!!!!!

Today I am reviewing an interesting item. Oasap is a cool company!!  Check out the end of this post if you are a blogger and are interested in working with them!!
My awesome Claw earrings... They are three parts. The post earring is the upper claw. The lower claw piece has three holes for varying looks/earlobe size. The piece is somewhat triangle in shape. And the claw really does Wrap around your ear!! Then you have a typical earring back. They have a lovely gold toned finish and DID NOT leave my ears at all green etc.

Everyone who saw these LOVED THEM!!!!!!!!!!!! I had both Women and MEN randomly coming up to me and asking where I got them and complementing how Bad A** they were.Some men even commented that they were almost tempted to get their ears pierced in order to wear earring if they were as cool as mine. (Straight men...)

They are classy and refined while being really awesome and hyper attractive. They are a bit heavy for the first day or so of wear. But after a week or so of wearing them continuously I would only notice I had them on when I went to go talk on the phone. I hate it when my ear gets pushed around on because I am wearing funky earrings.. But these were JUST SO CUTE AND FUNKY that I decided it was worth it :D 

The site I recieved these from is  

I also love this bag from OASAP :D

They are a bit pricy. But I love the look and I think it might be an awesome school bag. Being absolutely adorable also doesn't hurt either :D It can fit at least one or two one inch binders.. Not bad!

And this cuff is AWESOME!

I wish I could have chosen both my Adorable Claws and this awesome Dragon ear cuff. There is only one cuff in each packaged..... And I am a dork and wish they made right ear and left ear cuffs... but they don't.
I LOVE THE LOOK OF THESE!!! its almost an antiquated finish. 

That is just about all 
Comments are ALWAYS appreciated. 
Let me know how I am doing.. what you think of these? Would you buy them? etc

Would YOU like to work with OASAP?

I found this lovely Oasap women’s high street fashion store and would like to invite you to join its Fashion Hunter Program where you can get freebies in exchange a post on your lookbook, chictopia or blogspot.
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  1. Love the dragon cuff! Very cute!

  2. The dragon cuff is CRAZY! I clicked on the eagle earrings and ended up at a gorgeous sweater I want LOL - Thanks so much!

  3. Thank you for sharing such a great review of this product!

  4. I am loving that cuff earring!

  5. Those earrings are SO cool and unique! Love them!

  6. I love the cuff dragon earring. :)

  7. Nice earrings you got. I love that handbag too!

  8. Nice earrings! :) I opted to order this one too

  9. Great earring! I would love to get one of those someday. :)

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