Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Vivid Lacquer Cookies N Creme

I love love love this polish. When I first started putting this color on I got worried... Really worried. Worried that it would be too sheer and that I would end up with a VNL. Worried that it would have a gritty texture on my nails. Even worried that I might use up the whole bottle on one manicure...and then not even like it that much. (THERE!!! now you all know my personal insecurities that run through my head as I polish my nails.. Yea, and?) Anyhow, application with this polish was not difficult. I was able to apply three coats for complete opacity. There was no major glitter clumps, the formula was not too thick or too thin. Although it pains me to know that I can only get 4 mani's out of the mini bottle (If I don't do 1 layer over white) I will probably wear till it is GONE. And I am a bit of a polish user. Like a people user, but instead I get a polish to think I love it.. but then I toss it aside for another. I know. I am a horrible person.

But, here are the photos :DD I LOVE that this polish *looks* to non-lacquer heads like splatter. Then, it looks like paint..then insanity as they attempt to wrap their heads around the concept of shredded glitter. It is OK..feel free to call me horrible again. 

That is just about it :DD

BUT!!!! Go check out Vivid Lacquer. Her polishes are amazing quality, adorable and affordable. Her mini's retail for $4.50 and the full sizes are $9 (Love commercial polishes.. but Vivid Lacquer definitely competes when Revlon polishes are now pushing $11 in some cases!!!!AND they are quite a bit more unique...duhhhh)

Check out her on the...

Or check out her Etsy page here Vivid Lacquer Etsy 

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