Monday, September 10, 2012

Dodgy Barnett butter LONDON

Hey everyone :D
These are my swatches of the lovely Dodgy Barnett! Remember how I said I would do my best to get my hands on them?? I contacted the PR company they said they would send me a sample. Little did I know that that meant the Atumn/Winter 2012 collection!!!!!! I have them all to swatch and share with you guys... no words to describe how excited I am to share my absolute favorite one (SO FAR!) I jumped up and down and giggled like a little girl when I put on this polish!
I have a longstanding obssesion with Holo nail polishes..and this is one of the MOST UNIQUE polishes I have ever worn. Why? It is between a scattered and a linear holo. Seriously one of the prettiest silver holos I have seen a photo of (Or in real life!)
Application was a dream! This is two coats over badly stained nails!
Super smooth thin polish with no funkyness and dried Uber fast. Can you say GlitterPukee loves this? I CAN :D

Check out butter LONDON at Ulta, their site and a bunch of other awesome E-tailers!
and check out my post on all of the lovely polishes in this collection!

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  1. You always have the best nail polish reviews on your blog! I absolutely love this color, and I'm super jealous of your nails. :) Great review!

  2. HOLY CRAP! that looks beautiful on you. i love it!

    also, I gave you a Liebster award here:

  3. nice nail, so girly. i can never maintain nails that long. :( i love your nail polish though

  4. I love them! They look great! I am going to check these out now! I have been looking for some neat new polish! Thanks!

  5. That is so pretty! Very nice and sparkly. Sparkly is my favorite!

  6. WOW .. I absolutely love the colour.

  7. I think this color looks awesome for Fall and Winter!


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