Sunday, September 30, 2012


Hey everyone!
I love me some influenster Voxboxes but they have me a bit confused about the website change. I wish I had been emailed to let me know that things would be changing in the upcoming weeks.

And that I could find my old brand badges???? I don't know where they went!!! But I do hope I will continue to be able to recieve products and boxes from them in the future!!! IT IS AWESOME!!
If you haven't a clue what I am talking about check out the influenster website here

OHHH!!! And check out all of my other recent reviews too!!! I will be starting lots of new giveaways etc. And I JUST GOT MY BRAND BADGE GIFT FROM SALLY HANSEN NAIL STICKERS!!! 
So excited! They are Giraffe print and I LOVE girraffeesss!!!


Until Next Time


  1. gee, thanks for the heads up. You're right, an email about the changes would have been nice.

  2. They have been updating on their social networks and twitter parties about the updates.. but I agree.. I was not expecting that much of a change haha.. It is completely different and a bit confusing.. I feel like I have to do all the badges over now lol.


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